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Automotive Transformation Group exceed 10 billion interactions across sites worldwide

posted on 27/10/2022
Automotive Transformation Group exceed 10 billion interactions across sites worldwide

Automotive Transformation Group announce they have exceeded a monumental milestone of 10 billion interactions across their sites worldwide using their NetDirector® Business Intelligence service. The Group have witnessed a tremendous amount of consumer activity across thousands of retail locations employing their NetDirector® Auto-e product and will be able to use this data to identify key industry trends.

Classified as ‘unique events’ across 8,000 Retailer web-platforms, 10 billion interactions have been securely and compliantly tracked in real-time, to indicate the success of web-platform features as well as valuable industry insights for customers.

When broken down further, The Group saw just shy of 3 billion page views, 12 million vehicle video plays, over 6 million click-to-calls and just over 5 million prints of Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) across their 8,000 sites worldwide. These statistics identify a clear consumer demand for dynamic visuals and demonstrate that video functionality within dealer websites can act as a concrete method for lead generation, while also underlining the need for in-person vehicle sales, with a significant number of consumers physically printing these VDPs for showroom visits.

This announcement comes just weeks after the recent launch of their NetDirector® Digital Retailing Suite set to simplify vehicle sales for Retailers, OEMs, Financiers and Fleet Suppliers within the industry. Such impressive data-tracking capability helps arm The Group with comprehensive knowledge of consumer activity and market trends.

As they develop their suite further, these data insights will further optimise their product offering, providing increased conversion rates, higher performance, and greater efficiency for their customers.

When asked about the milestone, newly appointed CEO Tim Smith stated: “Consumer demand is fluid, but it is our job to deliver technology that evolves alongside it. Our NetDirector® BI service helps us to follow consumer activity, identify trends and predict movement across the industry for Retailers, OEMs, Financiers and Fleet Suppliers. These findings have allowed us to pre-empt and design solutions such as our NetDirector® Showcase product, which was created after we witnessed a clear consumer demand for omnichannel retailing, connecting the online and in-showroom experience. Ultimately, our BI helps us build better solutions for our customers. Data sharing plays a significant role in our ability to support customers through rapid evolution and we look forward to seeing where the data takes us next.”

Data Director, Jon Ryan added: “With the rise in artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is clear that data has never been more valuable within the automotive space and beyond. Our insights help to streamline our own organisation as well as the sales processes of our customers with minimal effort and expenditures and the opportunity for further optimisation is limitless.”

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