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Volkswagen becomes sole supplier to Bill Plant Driving School

Volkswagen becomes sole supplier to Bill Plant Driving School

Volkswagen has become the new sole supplier for Bill Plant Driving School, with the nationwide driver training firm now using the T-Roc and Golf models as its tuition vehicles in a Volkswagen-only fleet.

The relationship between Volkswagen and Bill Plant Driving School began in late 2017 with the Golf being delivered to instructors in early 2018. Now, the success of that association sees Volkswagen become the sole supplier for the driving school’s fleet by the end of year.

Deliveries of the T-Roc to the Bill Plant Driving School fleet commenced in March. Hundreds of cars have been delivered to Bill Plant Driving School instructors across the UK so far this year, with the potential for the school’s fleet to grow further still, as the business opens more franchises utilising Volkswagen Golf or T-Roc models as instructor vehicles.

Where the Golf is used, it is the value-packed Match model that is specified – the equipment loaded Volkswagen comes with Discover satellite navigation as standard. This, in particular, is ideal for the new area of the driving test in which learners must navigate using an in-car satellite navigation.

The T-Roc appears in the Bill Plant Driving School fleet in SE specification. Its high seating position provides a good view of the road ahead while its comfort and convenience features, and the ergonomic layout of its interior, ensure a stress-free start for students learning with the Bill Plant Driving School.

Michael O’Shea, Volkswagen UK’s Head of Fleet, said: “The Golf is Volkswagen’s most popular model and is a smash hit with UK customers, being the second best-selling car in the country, so it’s easy to see why learners can benefit from a Golf being their introduction to driving life.

“The T-Roc SUV, with its numerous safety features, elevated seating position and compact size, has the ideal combination of qualities to make learners feel at ease when venturing out on the road. Volkswagen prides itself on the safety of its cars, so it’s little wonder Bill Plant Driving School chose the Golf and T-Roc to create a whole new generation of Volkswagen fans.”

Tom Hixon, Head of Instructor Support at Bill Plant Driving School commented: “We’ve received tremendously positive feedback from our driving instructors and pupils about the new Volkswagen Golf, and we also welcome the T-Roc to the Bill Plant Driving School fleet.

“Every week hundreds of pupils will have their first experience of driving with Bill Plant Driving School inside either a Volkswagen Golf or T-Roc. This is a tremendous partnership for Bill Plant Driving School as we continue to grow our business in 2019.”

Bill Plant Driving School also uses the Volkswagen tuition vehicles across its nationwide Driving Instructor Training Academy and Corporate Fleet Management.

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