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UFODRIVE to pioneer solar powered cars in its rental fleet through new partnership with Sono Motors

UFODRIVE to pioneer solar powered cars in its rental fleet through new partnership with Sono Motors

Leading sustainable car rental company, UFODRIVE is once again making its mark as an innovating force in sustainable vehicle mobility, with the announcement of a new collaboration with Sono Motors, which will see the Sion solar-powered electric car joining the UFODRIVE fleets around Europe - a global first for any mainstream car rental firm.   


Less than two years from its start-up, UFODRIVE has established itself as a pioneer, not only in providing both the best customer rental experience - as witnessed by it having the highest global Net Promotor Score of any car rental company - and the most carbon-neutral, but also in pushing the practical boundaries of motoring as a whole. 

With increasing numbers of customers renting cars for a short commute, UFODRIVE sees a huge potential in the Sion’s ability to provide a range which is almost free of charge and emission, thanks to its ability to integrate solar power into the battery charging capabilities for its electric motor. The Sion will complement UFODRIVE’S existing Tesla Model S and Model 3, Nissan Leaf and Jaguar I-Pace electric vehicles. 

UFODRIVE CEO, Aidan mcclean is impressed by the new technology employed by the Sion and is delighted to be able to bring it within the everyday reach of the motoring public: “I believe the Sion will become the first solar car to go into volume production. Its recharging capabilities will make it the ideal vehicle used for car sharing in cities.” 

Thomas Hausch, COO of Sono Motors is thrilled to kick-off such a promising collaboration: “UFODRIVE and Sono Motors have the same goal: providing clean, affordable and easily shareable mobility to a new and growing group of customers: people who are defining their transportation needs by the ease of use and the carbon footprint they leave behind.” 


The link with Sono Motors and the adoption of the Sion into its fleets, is but one example of UFODRIVE making the future available to today’s motorist. UFODRIVE also recently announced partnerships with Ark2030 on its mission to reverse the climate crisis and with what3words, the system that divides the globe into 3 metre squares, allowing users to pinpoint locations exactly. These link-ups mean that UFODRIVE renters will contribute further towards rebalancing the world’s climate, while being able to embark on journeys with range anxiety becoming a thing of the past. 


UFODRIVE sees these partnerships as part of a series of initiatives aimed at further enhancing its brand and delivering a unique offer to investors. It is currently involved in a Crowdfunding drive through SEEDRS aimed at giving it the best possible platform from which to build for further business expansion. 

With its business increasing by 108% in 2020 - despite the effects of the global pandemic - it has expanded its fleet and its rental locations. The company’s ambitious plans include further venues and an increase in its fleet, as well as opening UFODRIVE in the USA. 

In addition to its rental business UFODRIVE potential investors are also set to benefit from a second revenue stream,  generated by its digital emobility Solution platform, which is available as a saas (Software as a Service) offering fleet managers an easy transition to an electric-only fleet. 

The proposition through crowdfunding specialists SEEDRS is already proving attractive to investors, with it having reached 96% of its £1.5 million target only a third of the way into its six-week investment window. 

“It has been both gratifying and exciting to see the vision for UFODRIVE become reality and we are now looking to jump start the next phase of our business with this crowdfunding initiative,” continues Aidan mcclean. “UFODRIVE investors can look forward to benefitting from the expansion of a business that has already successfully created its own unique space in the car rental sector. With our new partnerships we are also delighted not only to further enhance our customer rental experience, but also to give our customers the added satisfaction of knowing that they are doing their part towards a sustainable future.” 

The UFODRIVE funding offer is available through until 15th February 2021.

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