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TTC Group's Business Driver launches new virtual in-vehicle driver training

TTC Group's Business Driver launches new virtual in-vehicle driver training

TTC Group's Business Driver fleet risk management subsidiary has developed a new virtual in-vehicle driver training course utilising state-of-the-art dashcam technology for live, two-way interaction. 

The innovative approach to business-critical driver training has enabled Business Driver to continue to offer its services during recent Covid-19 social distance restrictions and such has been its success that it will now be developed further for the future.

Utilising the latest connected technologies which allows two-way visual and audio communications, the new virtual driver training protocol allows 'hands on' and live coaching within safe environments.

The one-to-one driver coaching is designed to determine the driver's risk areas for the category of vehicle they drive. Live dashcam footage is transmitted in real time back to a remote based Business Driver trainer who then analyses, coaches and supports a driver during any given live on-road situation. The driver can also provide commentary or ask questions regarding their observations.

The course supports individuals and organisations to enhance overall road safety, reduce running costs and better manage any given road situation in a Covid secure manner.

The real-time coaching aspect of the course is combined with pre- and post-analysis and communications – ensuring a personalised approach and experience, as well as ongoing driver development.

Seb Goldin, CEO/Founder of Business Driver said, "Our new virtual in-vehicle training has been a real success story, allowing individuals and businesses to continue to focus on road safety and ensure they stay on top of their CSR policies during such challenging times.

"Our state-of-the-art technologies provide us with such interactive capabilities that it truly is like having one of our specialist coaches in the front seat. This approach is most certainly now here for the future and will provide yet another key aspect of our training portfolio moving ahead."

TTC Group, a leading provider of driver and cycling education in the UK, acquired Business Driver Fleet Risk Management in May 2019.

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