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Support Project EDWARD and let’s drive road casualties down to zero

Support Project EDWARD and let’s drive road casualties down to zero

ROAD SAFETY and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist is encouraging road users all over the UK to support Project EDWARD (European Day Without A Road Death), which takes place this Thursday 26 September.

This is the fourth year for Project EDWARD. GEM is once again supporting the initiative, which seeks to spread awareness of road safety.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth comments: “I am often asked to explain Project EDWARD, which was created four years ago and has since become a true high point of the road safety calendar.

“These four simple components come from an Irish woman who lost her husband, son and unborn baby in a horrific collision some years ago:

Everyone keeping their happy lives as normal

No heart-breaking news that you’ve lost your loved one

No tears

Everyone trying their hardest to make no road deaths a reality”

“How do we do this? However we use the road, let’s remember that it’s a dangerous environment, and we are all more vulnerable than we think. But by committing to showing courtesy, care and concentration, we can all play our part in reducing the risks.

“You can also support Project EDWARD by signing the pledge at and by using social media (#ProjectEDWARD) to share a ‘zero’ image for no road deaths – on Thursday and on every day.”

Speaking at a conference on older driver safety today, veteran broadcaster Valerie Singleton commented: “Reaching a certain age does not automatically mean a complete loss of your ability to drive, judge distances and read road signs.

“Traditional popular opinion might suggest that older drivers are a menace and should undergo mandatory re-tests – or be purged from the highway. However, we want to encourage senior drivers to stay mobile, while also ensuring they remain physically and mentally comfortable with the driving task.

“Project EDWARD is relevant for older drivers because it’s an initiative that encourages self-reflection, starting with an acceptance that we’re all more vulnerable on the road than we think we are.

“It includes a willingness to recognise the situations that may lead to increased risk, and to ask where, when and why they occur. Learning from those situations, perhaps with some expert help, is a good way for a senior driver to stay as safe as possible for as long as possible.”

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