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Sunra launch ROBO-S UTILITY electric scooter

Sunra launch ROBO-S UTILITY electric scooter

Based on the proven ROBO-S model, that has received critical acclaim, most recently from Motorcycle News, who after a week-long test, declared “Petrol wouldn’t get a look in now”, the new UTILITY model offers the same ease of use and budget saving efficiencies with additional functionality and carrying capacity too.

Logan Black of Sunra UK explains, “We wanted to bring a cost effective EV solution to small business and fleet operators alike. While the ROBO-S is already being used for this application in standard form, our goal was to offer a machine off-the-shelf that fits the needs of this ever increasing segment of users.

“With the UTILITY model, we’ve developed and tested key accessories that can allow business users to deploy the ROBO-S for a variety of uses and jobs. The large rear rack can be used in isolation or with an array of different sized top-box options, while the addition of a large, full-size windshield and phone holder keep staff much better protected and connected too. We also plan to offer communication solutions, location trackers and extra weather protection from tried and tested partners.”

Offering a range of over 60 miles and a maximum speed of 50mph, the ROBO-S UTILITY offers business users a swift, yet efficient solution. And thanks to fast charging batteries that can be swapped in less than 60 seconds, the UTILITY can be used in any location, effectively keeping businesses moving for longer without the need to use fixed charging points.

With considerably reduced service requirements and costs, along with handy user-friendly features such as an additional 24 litres of underseat storage, finger-print recognition and its own alarm and immobiliser system, the ROBO-S UTILITY is a practical and dependable delivery solution. Add in HP and lease options, as well as bespoke service and maintenance packages, and the ROBO-S UTILITY offers one of the most complete cost effective solutions for fleet users and small businesses.

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