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Record buyer numbers drive average LCV values above £9,000 at BCA for the 4th consecutive month

Record buyer numbers drive average LCV values above £9,000 at BCA for the 4th consecutive month

Average LCV values at BCA in April 2021 remained above £9,000 for the fourth consecutive month, with sold volumes well ahead, year-on-year.  Record numbers of buyers continue to join BCA’s daily online LCV program, creating the most efficient and competitive wholesale platform for used lcvs in the UK. 

Values continue to outstrip guide prices, continuing the well-established trend seen over the past year and sale conversion rates remain incredibly strong, with significant levels of demand for any vehicle that can be “put to work” immediately.

Stuart Pearson COO BCA UK commented “BCA’s LCV sales contain the richest mix of vans, along with the greatest volume to be found anywhere in the UK wholesale market today. Over recent months, a number of significant contract wins have enhanced our LCV offering and we remain committed to developing flexible remarketing partnerships as we look to further expand our program.”

He added ”The volume and variety of ex-lease, rental and dealer, along with the incredible mix of light commercials from UKCGR, ensured that hundreds of bidders are joining our daily LCV online events and during the month, we saw more than 2,000 different buyers join our LCV program for the first time. With all parts of the UK economy opening up, any van that can be “put to work” quickly is being snapped up. “

Longer term quarterly trends highlight how strong the current price performance of lcvs is at BCA, with both average age and mileage of sold stock rising, by 19.4% and 15.8% respectively.

(* Source: BCA Valuations)

Stuart Pearson COO BCA UK commented “All sales at BCA remain exclusively online and with the majority of our LCV buyers preferring to join sales through our buyer app, we will continue to deliver the enhancements that make it easy for our customers to acquire stock safely, efficiently and profitably. With many customers now buying from multiple locations daily, we’ve also reworked the way in which we manage their activity, delivering a more personal and efficient service offering.”

 He added “Rumblings of supply shortages are likely to ensure that demand remains exceptionally competitive for some time to come.”

(* Source: BCA Valuations)

*Article Source

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