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Proposed changes to the Highway Code - reaction

Proposed changes to the Highway Code - reaction

Commenting on proposed changes to the Highway Code that are now out for consultation, RAC head of roads policy Nicholas Lyes said:

"Overall the ambition behind these changes is to make the roads safer for everyone. A part of that is making it crystal clear we all have a shared responsibility to ensure one another's safety on the road – after all, whether you are travelling on foot, on a bicycle or in a motor vehicle, everybody simply wants to get to their destination as safely as possible. Many other changes made to the Code, such as recommending the 'Dutch reach' when exiting a vehicle to check for cyclists and taking care when charging electric vehicles, are also very sound. We also welcome the new guidance contained in the Code on the safe passing of roadside workers. Every day, our patrols and recovery workers put themselves at risk to help others and the more that can be done to protect them, the safer that job becomes.

"But we do feel there is some detail that needs to be looked at more closely. For example, we need to consider just how practical, and indeed safe it is to advise drivers to give way to pedestrians waiting to cross a road at a junction when traffic from another direction may be approaching.

"It's vital now that every change made to the Code is well communicated – while drivers should keep up with changes to the Highway Code, our research suggests only half (49%) have consulted it at any time in the last 10 years."

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