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Police fixed penalty notice statistics 2018/19 – AA comments 

Police fixed penalty notice statistics 2018/19 – AA comments 

Commenting on the numbers of fixed penalty notices issued by Police last year*, Edmund King, AA president, said: “It is good to see the number of hand-held mobile phone offences drop by more than a quarter, but we must not be complacent as often drivers are still spotted using phones at the wheel.

“Only a fifth (20%)** of drivers say there is a visible police presence on their local roads, so a more prominent presence would help to deter the use of hand-held mobiles and texting at the wheel. 

“The majority of the 2.1 million speeding offences were caught by cameras. Whilst cameras are a useful tool available to forces to help enforce the law, roads policing cannot be carried out by cameras alone. 

“There has clearly been a targeted effort by forces to stamp out people not wearing a seatbelt, as the number of fines and points issued is at a two-year high. There is no excuse for not belting up as it can save your life and the lives of others. 

“For more than a decade the number of specialist road traffic officers has reduced by a third***, so we need more cops in cars to tackle bad behaviour as well as continued high profile and memorable road safety campaigns.”

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