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Petrol and diesel prices hit new record highs - RAC reaction

Petrol and diesel prices hit new record highs - RAC reaction

Reacting to the news that average petrol and diesel prices have now hit new record highs, RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said:

"Petrol has unfortunately hit a frightening new high of 148.02p which takes filling a 55-litre family car to an eye-watering £81.41. With the oil price teetering on the brink of $100 a barrel and retailers keen to pass on the increase in wholesale fuel quickly, new records could now be set on a daily basis in the coming weeks.

"The oil price is rising due to tensions between Russia – the world's third biggest oil producer – and Ukraine, along with oil production remaining out of kilter with demand as the world emerges from the pandemic. As a result drivers in the UK could be in for an even worse ride as pump prices look certain to go up even more.

"On a positive note, retailer margins – which were the reason drivers paid overly high prices in December and January – have now returned to more normal levels of around 7p a litre. We urge the big four supermarkets, which dominate fuel sales, to play fair with drivers and not to make a bad situation on the forecourt any worse by upping their margins again."

The RAC website carries a guide to saving fuel and money. For analysis of fuel prices, including understanding what makes up the price of a litre, see RAC Fuel Watch.

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