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One in four car buyers will visit  websites first when researching a new vehicle 

One in four car buyers will visit  websites first when researching a new vehicle 

More than a quarter of car buyers are likely to visit a retailer’s website first when researching their next car purchase, according to new research from CitNOW.

The automotive imagery and video specialist found that manufacturers’ websites are the most likely place for a car buyer to visit first (30%), closely followed by a retailers’ website (26%).

With more than half (57%) of motorists researching their car before visiting the showroom, retailers should ensure their websites are accessible, informative and engaging to attract potential customers onto the forecourt.

Able to capture and upload digital assets online in under an hour, CitNOW’s Web app helps retailers get new vehicle listings onto their websites more efficiently, with consistent, professional quality imagery and video to engage with potential customers.

With 39% of car buyers now using smartphones to research their next vehicle, developing an optimised mobile site could be the difference between a good lead and a missed opportunity, helping to deliver a smooth and seamless online customer journey.

By enhancing their website with high quality digital assets and then engaging the potential customer using personalised video, retailers can build an enticing online presence and bridge the gap between the online and offline car buying experience.

Ollie Parsons, Head of Sales and Client Services UK, commented: “For thousands of car buyers, a retailer’s website is the first touchpoint during the buying process, and that initial impression can help build a lead, or turn them towards a competitor.

“Delivering high quality imagery and video can help transform a retailer’s online customer journey, creating engaging listings that can attract potential customers to your website, and help convert online traffic into footfall.”

CitNOW’s ‘Evolution of the Car Buyer’ report examines how car-buying habits could change; it can be viewed and downloaded by visiting HERE.

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