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One in five car owners never check their oil

One in five car owners never check their oil

New research by Kwifit reveals that one in five (19%) UK car owners never check the oil in their vehicle. 8% of owners, some 3 million people, admit to not knowing how to check their oil level, while 11% say they know how to do it, but never do so.

The research has been carried out for Kwik Fit, which today announces that it has signed an agreement to offer Mobil oil products to all Kwik Fit customers. The deal will see the appropriate product from the Mobil Super™ range used in all of Kwik Fit’s service packages and oil changes at its 600-plus centres across the UK.

Ideally, drivers should check their engine oil every week, as recommended by most car manufacturers yet the Kwik Fit study found that even if that interval is doubled to once a fortnight, just 8% of owners meet the recommendation. Over three fifths of drivers (62%) say that at least three months go by between their oil checks, while shockingly 8% let at least a year pass before checking their dipstick again.

The research found a clear difference between the sexes. 2% of male car owners said they did not know how to check their oil, but this figure rose to one in seven (14%) among female owners. There was also a difference between younger and older drivers – 6% of drivers aged over 55 are unsure how to check their oil level on their vehicle, compared to 10% of those aged 18-34.

While drivers may have understandably lost the habit of making maintenance checks during the pandemic as they used their car less, Kwik Fit are encouraging owners to get back in the routine as checking and topping up a vehicle’s oil is important in helping prevent excess engine wear and damage.

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, says: “Good quality oil is vital for maintaining a smooth running car and regularly checking the oil level is a very easy way of monitoring an engine’s health. If the oil level drops from the highest to lowest mark on the dipstick in under 1000 miles, we would recommend getting the engine checked over.”

For those drivers who are unsure how to check their oil, Kwik Fit have provided a step by step guide.

1 - Park on a level surface, switch off the engine and wait for 3-4 minutes while the oil drains into the sump at the bottom of the engine.

2 – Once the engine is cool, pull out the dipstick, wipe the oil off with a clean cloth then slowly push the dipstick fully back into its tube.

3 - Remove the dipstick once more and check the oil level. It should be between the upper and lower marks - if it is closer to the lower one the oil will need topping up.

4 - If more oil is needed, it must be the right oil for the vehicle. Replace the dipstick and remove the oil filler cap. Slowly pour some oil in, using a funnel if needed and replace the cap. It’s better to add a small amount at a time rather than risk overfilling, so wait a minute for the oil to drain through the engine, insert the dipstick and check the level again. Add further oil if needed and replace the oil filler cap.

Roger Griggs says: “One of the most important things owners can do to keep their car running in the best condition possible is to regularly change their vehicle’s engine oil and filter which is why it is vital to keep to the manufacturer specified service intervals. We are delighted to have signed an agreement to offer Mobil oil in all our services and oil changes. Mobil is a sector leading brand with immense heritage in innovation and the development of lubricants and will provide our customers with proven levels of protection to help keep their engines running smoothy and extend their life.”

Rosemarie Egglesfield, Consumer Manager – Europe, exxonmobil, said: “Mobil is excited that its premium Mobil Super engine oils are being offered at Kwik Fit service centres. Mobil Super engine oils provide proven protection to help extend engine life and are formulated to fight sludge, protect against wear and keep drivers on the road for longer.”

Kwik Fit offers manufacturer standard servicing packages which will maintain a vehicle’s warranty and keep it running efficiently. Car owners wishing to book a service or find more information can do so at

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