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New Citroen C5 X: A breakthrough design explained

New Citroen C5 X: A breakthrough design explained

New Citroën C5 X represents a completely new direction for Citroën and has been created to meet changing customer expectations. A model that challenged Citroën designers, All-New C5 X seamlessly combines the modernity and appeal of an SUV, the elegance and status of a saloon, and the versatility and practicality of a station wagon. The end result delivering a ground-breaking exterior design concept that sets a new standard in the segment.

Citroën is adapting to a fast-changing society and consumers looking for versatile products based on innovative ideas. With New C5 X, Citroën meets the expectations of customers wanting large tourers and those who are also looking for a more modern and stylish alternative to more traditional SUV’s, saloon and station wagon models.

Vincent Cobée, CEO of Citroën, said: “With All-New C5 X, Citroën is revisiting the spirit of touring – the ability to travel in an elegant, refined car and set off to discover the world with complete peace of mind.”

The last few years have seen a decline in the overall popularity of traditional saloon vehicles with SUV and station wagon models attracting customers looking for a more assertive design or improved practicality.

Across Europe, suvs represented the most common body style in the D-segment in 2020, accounting for 29.3% of all new registrations, ahead of station wagon (27.5%) and saloon (21.6%) models.

In China, the shape that proved the most successful in 2020 on that particular segment was – by far and away – the SUV, accounting for half of all registrations on the D segment, followed by the saloon (18%) and the MPV (10%). The share of estate cars on segment D is marginal – it accounted for only 0.1%*.
*Source: Statnet Stellantis, Europe (29 countries).

This breakdown of various D-segment body styles has been undergoing a major change over the past few years, with customers looking for models that are stylish and spacious, whilst still allowing them to stand out on the road. Throughout the development of the New C5 X project, Citroën was determined to meet all these requirements.

Frédéric Angibaud, New C5 X's exterior designer, worked to come up with a car that provides a perfect combination of versatility, safety and aesthetics, while at the same time considering environmental and economic issues. 

New C5 X's body style is muscular with optimised aerodynamics to reduce fuel consumption, with a streamlined profile drawing inspiration from aeronautics. The fluidity of the body style is emphasised by the car's tight, muscular volume. The extended bonnet, the high belt line and the rear wheel flare give it distinction, dynamism and sturdiness, common among Citroën’s larger vehicles. The streamlined profile combines with a raised ride height and large diameter alloy wheels to give a more commanding view than would be available in a saloon or station wagon.

Around the wheel arches, vertical surfacing detail enhances the vehicle's character. They highlight the large-diameter wheels while ensuring that air flows along the length of the body. The 720-mm diameter wheels are fitted with 19" ‘Aero X’ bi-tone alloy wheels with gloss black aerodynamic inserts, designed to reduce aerodynamic drag and improve fuel economy they create a turbine effect to guide the airflow.

The elongated coupé inspired sloping roofline ends with a ‘floating’ aerodynamic spoiler to further enhance the dynamic silhouette of New C5 X. The impression of a ‘floating roof’ being further enhanced through gloss black a-pillars, door pillar trims and dark tinted rear windows helping to reinforce the status of New C5 X. For an even more distinctive look customers choose a bi-tone Perla Nera Black roof, further accentuating the vehicle's stylish appearance.

With its front end sporting the LED V-shaped lighting signature representing Citroën's new identity, New C5 X makes a bold statement in the segment. This V-shaped lighting signature echoes the rear light signature for greater consistency. The upper chevrons highlight the end of the bonnet and stretch right up to the LED daytime running lights, highlighting the width of the front end, while the lower chevrons stretch up to the LED headlights and daytime running lights for a high-tech yet refined look. All-New C5 X's lighting signature demonstrates real attention to detail. Small light veins create a graphic chevron design in the headlights that highlight the car's look and reinforce the signature, particularly from the front three-quarter view.

The bonnet is long and horizontal, and positioned fairly low with pair of large scalloped design details that are a nod to New Citroën C4 and C5 Aircross SUV, a powerful signature that reinforces the muscular and robust appearance of the front end.

The lower air intake, showcased by a chrome strip, has a highly geometric design – one that draws inspiration from chevrons – and houses the main radar used for the car's driving aids.

To the rear of New C5 X, dual spoilers combine to give a very dynamic look to the rear – this combined with the steeply raked tailgate window design helps to continue the flowing silhouette. Further details – such as the crisp lines around the lower part of the tailgate and bumper coupled with the lower chevron pattern and the chrome decoration around the reflectors – emphasise the vehicle's width and help further establish it on the road.

The 3D LED rear lights are stretched horizontally and extend far out on each side, reinforcing the way in which the vehicle sits on the road. With a V-shaped lighting signature echoing that of the front, it accompanies the belt line’s curves and natural shoulder, adding to the rear three-quarter view of the vehicle.

The rear of the car is also designed to be practical and provide more volume for the driver, offering station wagon levels of modularity. The tailgate provides a wide and functional opening with a low loading sill for easy and practical everyday use.

Frédéric Angibaud, designer of C5 X, said: “From an SUV, the C5 X has borrowed the “up on the road” look – that raised posture that provides a feeling of protection and sturdiness. The style of its sides and its curves exudes the kind of sturdiness that you find in an SUV”.

“The elongated design of the passenger compartment and the long spoilers located at the rear of the car, as well as everything that has been designed horizontally – such as the extended side windows – are all hallmarks of the saloon”.

New C5 X's body has a range of SUV design features, including a raised posture, combined with large 720-mm wheels, a more commanding driving position than traditional saloons and matt black protective features all around the vehicle’s lower section to highlight the model’s sturdiness and robustness.

New C5 X measures in at 4805mm long and 1865mm wide, while standing at 1485mm high with a 2785mm wheelbase. Drivers are provided with a generous boot volume of up to 545 litres.

Citroën’s New C5 X is available with a powerful 225hp plug-in hybrid engine to deliver a zero-emissions range of up to 34 miles (WLTP). The model introduced the World Premiere of the Citroën Advanced Comfort Active Suspension system, one-step further for Citroën’s famed ‘magic carpet’ ride comfort. Inside, its lounge-like interior space, the Advanced Comfort seats and detailed finish make New C5 X a pleasure to travel in, whilst the plug-in hybrid version provides further serenity on the road, amplifying Citroën’s ë-Comfort offering.

New Citroën C5 X will open for orders later this year with first vehicles arriving in UK showrooms during the first quarter of 2022.

For more information on New C5 X please visit the following link

To watch a short video featuring Frédéric Angibaud, the exterior designer of New C5 X, talking about the project, please visit the following link

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