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Most feared parking manoeuvres revealed

Most feared parking manoeuvres revealed

The parking manoeuvres that make motorists most nervous have been revealed by online parking portal

Top of the list in its survey of British motorists is parking in a tight space, which arguably is becoming more-and-more frequent given the growing size of many family cars, SUVs and 4x4s.

Coming in at second spot was the dreaded parallel parking, the cause of many a driving test failure!

Rounding up the top three was parking in a multi-storey car park, despite recent parking innovations like automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) making life easier for motorists.

Harrison Woods, managing director at, said: “Only a few years ago I would have suspected that parallel parking would be at the number one spot but given the UK’s love of large cars it is perhaps no surprise that parking in a tight space is the most nerve racking.

“ has previously advocated the introduction of a new parking industry standard designed to ensure that car parking spaces are large enough to accommodate modern motor vehicles. It would appear this is needed now more than ever.”

The study of 500 Brits also found that parking next to an expensive vehicle made many motorists nervous.

And surprisingly, modern technology designed to take the stress out of driving, such as rear parking cameras and sensors, actually did the exact opposite.  Relying on this equipment for reversing and manoeuvring was in fifth spot.

Further research also found that in general, almost one-in-seven motorists get nervous when parking a car, although the good news was that it meant the vast majority found it no problem whatsoever.

Harrison added: “It’s somewhat alarming to find that a sizeable minority get nervous when parking, even with modern technology in many cars designed to make it less stressful.”

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