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Massive discounts on 2020-registered cars spell big competition for September's new 70 plate

Massive discounts on 2020-registered cars spell big competition for September's new 70 plate

Gigantic savings on nearly-new 2020-registered cars are putting pressure on new car sales targets for next month's registration plate change. 

Online car supermarket is reporting savings of up to 42% compared with list price for 2020 cars, often with as little as 10 miles on the clock. 

Tough times for dealers, who are facing the biggest decline in new car sales for decades, spell good news for motorists who are snapping up bargains as dealers clear the decks for new stock. 

For example, 35% can be saved on a 2020 Volkswagen Passat with just 15 miles on the clock, currently available on for £20,291 compared with a list price of £31,300 - a saving of more than £11,000. 

Bargains can also be bagged on more luxurious models, such as the Audi A8 and Jaguar XJ, where some of the biggest savings are currently available. 

One Audi A8, with 1,000 miles on the clock, is available for £46,400 compared to a list price of £78,820 - a huge saving of 41%. 

A Jaguar XJ, with 697 miles, meanwhile, is offered with a 42% saving, making the 2020 car just £42,300 compared with a list price of £72,985 - a discount of £30,685. 

At the less luxurious end of the scale big savings can be found on some small runabouts such as the Peugeot 108. One is currently available with more than a third off and 1,768 miles on the clock. An even lower mileage bargain Citroen C1 with only 10 miles on the clock is on sale at £9,522 - a 35% saving of £5,238 on the new price of £14,760. 

Christofer Lloyd, editor of, said: "Motorists are less concerned than ever before about having the very latest registration plate on the drive, so a current year car is more than good enough for many people. 

"The impressive array of savings on many low mileage cars registered this year is bound to put even more pressure on September's new plate launch, which is always the last big push of the year for dealers and manufacturers. 

"But we believe that these savings on 2020 cars are not the last we will see of major bargains this year. September is bound to bring heavy discounting on brand new cars too, as the industry fights to recover from its worst year in living memory, due to the Coronavirus crisis." 

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