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Licence Bureau reiterates No Need to Speed message to business

Licence Bureau reiterates No Need to Speed message to business

Licence Bureau, part of the TTC Group, is adding its weight to Road Safety Week (16-22 November) by reiterating the message – No Need to Speed – to all business drivers and fleet operators.

The theme - No Need to Speed - is a reminder to all business drivers and fleet operators of how the speed they travel impacts other road users, individual drivers, and the businesses they represent.

As part of its activity during Road Safety Week, Licence Bureau will be hosting virtual events promoting the No Need to Speed message to around 150 secondary school pupils from JFK School in Hemel Hempstead, Herts on Friday 20 November.

With around 95% of road accidents caused by human error and vehicle speed playing a part in every event, Licence Bureau’s own research had previously highlighted a ‘startling’ lack of speed awareness knowledge with only one in 1,500 business drivers correctly identifying 16 speed limit scenarios.

Licence Bureau has been a strong advocate for business drivers and organisations to embrace road safety and understand their respective responsibilities, as well as the detrimental implications doing otherwise could have. During the Covid-19 pandemic, compliance has been at the top of every fleet agenda and Licence Bureau is now encouraging fleet operators to reinforce the importance of drivers adhering to speed limits.

Steve Pinchen, Licence Bureau sales director, said, “There were 1,721 reported road deaths in 2019 with a total 153,158 reported casualties according to data from the Department for Transport (DfT). Someone is injured on a UK road every four minutes. With it estimated that more than a third of all road accidents involve someone who is ‘at work’, without doubt, driving for work presents a risk which needs attention.

“Drivers and businesses need to ensure they operate in a compliant manner – whether that be within the boundaries of corporate, legal or road legislation – and focus on the duty of care to all employees.”

Licence Bureau, the UK's number one supplier of driver licence validation services, has previously highlighted how 2020 has seen the landscape for ‘driving for work’ significantly change as various rules were temporarily altered; people took to working from home; and commercial pressures continue to mount.

“It’s been a year of unparalleled change,” explained Steve, “we’ve seen a significant shift in people now working from home – permanently – and that changes the dynamics when it comes to ‘driving for work’ compliance.

“We’ve also witnessed a great change in how people’s mindsets have been impacted by all that has occurred during 2020 and we’ve coined the phrase ‘road-health’ to ensure that individuals and businesses are working together to address the key psychological areas that can contribute to road safety challenges.

“Road Safety Week with its key theme of No Need for Speed is another pertinent reminder that we all need to be vigilant and continue to focus on the supportive and understanding sentiment which has been highlighted by the pandemic.”

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