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Legalise e-scooters, says Transport Committee - AA comments

Legalise e-scooters, says Transport Committee - AA comments

Commenting on the Transport Select Committee’s report and recommendations to legalise e-scooters*, Edmund King, AA president, said: “ E-scooters, as a new form of micro-mobility, can really help to transform the urban landscape – improving flexibility of personal travel, especially in the shadow of the Covid pandemic making public transport problematic in many instances. We support the legalisation of e-scooters for use on the public highway, as long as certain safety criteria are met. 

“As the safest option, we would support the use of e-scooters on extended dedicated cycle ways and recommend some form of training before setting off on the public highway. We also believe that safety features such as larger front wheels, directional indicators, brakes and lights must be required to ensure a safer riding experience. 

“The AA gave evidence to the Select Committee and we broadly support their findings although we believe that speed limits should be agreed nationally rather than locally.”

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