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Latest advice for drivers from the RAC as snow affects east of the UK

Latest advice for drivers from the RAC as snow affects east of the UK

With weather warnings remaining in place for snow and ice across the east of the UK, RAC Breakdown spokesman Rod Dennis said:

"With heavy snowfall affecting many parts of the south and east, we are asking drivers to think extremely carefully before setting out today. Where roads remain open, conditions are challenging and unless you can be confident both you and your car are up to the task of some seriously wintry driving, staying at home is definitely the best option. Our expert local patrols are working extremely hard to attend all drivers who are running into problems.

"For those who depend on their car for essential trips over the next few days, preparation is key. Pack an emergency kit in your car consisting of spare warm clothes including a coat, water, food and a battery charger for a mobile phone in case the worst happens. Before driving off, completely clear your car of snow and demist the windscreens fully. Then, when out on the road, adopt a cautious driving style and be as gently as possible on both the accelerator and brake. In a manual car, aim to change up the gears as soon as possible to reduce the chances of tyre spin and if your car offers a winter mode, make sure it's switched on. Stopping distances should be increased by up to ten times, and keep your speed down.

"As well as extra snow showers through the next few days, overnight freezing will mean laying snow will turn to ice and mean some roads will be like ice rinks. Drivers probably won't be out of the woods with the difficult driving conditions before the end of the week at least."

For advice on driving in the snow, visit the winter driving section of RAC Drive.

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