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Landmark APEX AP-0 concept EV sports car to be unveiled in London

Landmark APEX AP-0 concept EV sports car to be unveiled in London

Following the cancellation of the Geneva International Motor Show, APEX is forging ahead with a rescheduled launch of its ground-breaking Super EV concept, the AP-0, at the Bike Shed, London.

The pioneering lightweight sports car will now be unveiled to the world’s media at the Bike Shed on Friday 13 March from 14:30 (GMT). The company’s co-founders, Jason Leung and Gary Leung, and lead designer, Guy Colborne, will deliver a press conference to introduce Apex Motors and the stunning AP-0.

Designed, engineered and built in the UK, the APEX AP-0 is the product of a highly experienced and accomplished team, led by Guy Colborne. Featuring a cutting-edge pure carbon fibre chassis, the AP-0 boasts a kerb weight of just 1,200kg – an outstanding achievement for a battery electric vehicle.

The lightweight design of the AP-0 fuses the finest artistry with expert craftsmanship, not only affording it rapid acceleration, but also superior agility, outstanding handling and exceptional cornering ability.

Due to the ongoing concerns surrounding Coronavirus and the implications for overseas travel, the press conference and unveiling of the AP-0 will be live-streamed across APEX’s social media channels to ensure international media do not miss out.

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