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IONITY Celebrates E-Mobility as Partner of the Inaugural World EV Day

IONITY Celebrates E-Mobility as Partner of the Inaugural World EV Day

IONITY, Europe's leading High-Power Charging Network for electric vehicles, is delighted to be a Founding Partner of the inaugural World EV Day, which will take place on September 9th. The day is a celebration of e-mobility to raise awareness for electric vehicles and a sustainable way of transportation.

Initiated by Green TV, World EV Day will become an annual institution in the e-mobility calendar of current and prospective drivers of electric vehicles. As a leader in the EV charging industry, IONITY is committed to support this initiative:

Dr. Michael Hajesch, CEO IONITY, commented:
"We believe it is essential to be part of the movement into a zero-emission future. Europe had 1,7m plug-in electric vehicles (BEV and PHEV) on the streets at the end of 2019* and counting. Celebrating World EV Day is a great way of recognising the need for change and highlighting the work that has already been done - from a reliable and fast charging infrastructure to the latest innovation in the electric vehicle sector. Driving an EV across Europe should be the new normal, and it is our mission to support the transition and bring high-power electric vehicle charging to everyone, everywhere."

World EV Day will highlight the crucial role that a reliable and fast charging infrastructure, a reinforcement of the energy grid and renewable power sources play for a sustainable transport ecosystem. Together with many more players in the e-mobility field, IONITY will make the World EV Day an occasion of global e-mobility appreciation. The day will be community lead and focused with inspiring social media campaigns, live streamed educational panel discussions and informative webinars.

Ade Thomas, Founder Green TV, commented:
"I'm delighted that World EV Day is partnering up with IONITY, the leading fast charging network. IONITY is a pioneer in making e-mobility ready for long distance travel, and a truly great partner alongside World EV Day's mission to bring about a greener mobility future."

E-enthusiast are also welcome to sign a pledge on the website, committing to cleaner air, lower emissions, and a more sustainable future. You can sign the pledge here and help driving the change.

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