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HPI national mileage register hits 363 million readings

HPI national mileage register hits 363 million readings

nmr (National Mileage Register), the system used to check vehicle mileage by automotive data experts HPI, has surpassed over 363 million readings making it the UK’s largest, most accurate source for verifying and investigating mileage records. 

The company’s hpi check data has identified that one in 14 vehicles has a mileage discrepancy, this statistic was one in 16 in 2017 and one in 20 cars in 2014 - an increase of nearly 30% in just 5 years. There’s also a one in three chance of uncovering another hidden problem, including outstanding finance, previously being an insurance write- off, or recorded stolen.

With data gathered from a wide variety of sources – including the DVLA national register and more recently MOT data – nmr offers a choice of mileage verification services, from a simple check to a more thorough nmr investigation.

nmr reveals hidden discrepancies in a vehicle’s mileage. If the mileage is correct, it provides certification to prove that the mileage is authentic. By building up a history of a vehicle’s mileage, checking the last three times the mileage was recorded, and flagging any mileage discrepancies, nmr offers buyers the confidence and certainty when dealing with used vehicles.

The hpi check includes a mileage check against the nmr and protects buyers against making a costly mistake. The check also reveals whether a vehicle is currently recorded as stolen with the police, has outstanding finance against it, or has been written off. 

Fernando Garcia, consumer director at cap hpi commented: “When obtaining a mileage history check from HPI we will identify any mileage discrepancies through both our own National Mileage Register and the car’s MOT history. If a car has been clocked or had its odometer tampered with then a false mileage reading will appear to have decreased. Such circumstances would mean the car may have done potentially many more miles than it suggests and have more wear and tear. A vehicle’s mileage is also very closely linked to its value. This can also cause problems or mechanical issues later down the line, which could have safety implications, or lead to hefty repair bills. By checking a car’s mileage with HPI, peace of mind in terms of mileage is guaranteed. 

“The fact that we now have access to over 363 million mileage readings means we can continue to help fight fraud by providing accurate, fully verified mileage readings.”

To get an instant car mileage check and learn about the history of a used car, enter the registration online to find out more.

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