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Hispano Suiza continues its international expansion process and arrives in Germany with the Mohr Group

Hispano Suiza continues its international expansion process and arrives in Germany with the Mohr Group

Hispano Suiza, a Spanish manufacturer of hyper-luxury vehicles founded in Barcelona in 1904 by the Suqué Mateu family, continues its international expansion process. Its new model, the Carmen, and its sportier version, the Carmen Boulogne, will be sold in Germany by the Mohr Group, at its exclusive showroom located in Motorworld München.

For Hispano Suiza, expansion into Germany is a huge challenge, one that is met with great enthusiasm. The exclusive 100% electric hypercars of the historic Spanish brand will enter the main automotive market in Europe to attract the most demanding customers, with a product with unbeatable technical and design characteristics.

Hispano Suiza will be part of the range of models present at the new Mohr Group showroom located in Motorworld München. It is a 1,600 m2 space where the Group, led by the Mohr brothers, Luis and Lorenz, will showcase an amazing display of luxury vehicles, including hypercars and classics.

Miguel Suqué Mateu, President of Hispano Suiza, commented: “Selling our fully electric hypercars, the Hispano Suiza Carmen and Carmen Boulogne, in Germany is one of the most important challenges we will face this year. We firmly believe that, together with the Mohr brothers, we will connect with customers and hypercar collectors in Germany, a country with a deep knowledge and passion for the automotive industry. "

“We are very honoured to become the first representative for Hispano Suiza Cars in Germany. We will offer all customers a great brand experience and the Carmen itself will take their breath away" said Lorenz M. Mohr, Managing Partner of the MOHR GROUP.

Hispano Suiza Carmen, an authentic work of art
The Hispano Suiza Carmen is a fully electric vehicle, which has been designed, developed and manufactured in Barcelona. It combines exhilarating performance, 1,019 HP (1,115 HP in the case of Carmen Boulogne), with a design characterized by sportiness and timeless elegance, which clearly sets it apart on the road.

Only 19 units will be made, five of them in the Boulogne version, in homage to the victory achieved by the brand in the George Boillot Cup 100 years ago. Their style is heavily influenced by Hispano Suiza cars of the early 20th century, specifically the 1938 Hispano Suiza H6C Dubonnet Xenia, a one-off exquisite design. The Carmen encapsulates the brand's legacy of elegance and design in a modern ´hyperlux´ vehicle. Prices for the Carmen start at 1.5 million Euros.

About Hispano Suiza
Hispano Suiza is a historic Spanish car brand owned by four generations of the Suqué Mateu family. Hispano Suiza Fábrica de Automóvil S.A. was founded in Barcelona in 1904 by Damián Mateu, with the help of the technical director and engineer Marc Birkigt, also a partner of the company.

Between 1904 and 1946, Hispano Suiza manufactured more than 12,000 high-performance luxury vehicles and 50,000 aircraft engines. Its headquarters, technical centre and manufacturing plant are located in Barcelona (Spain). ​​Hispano Suiza embodies a spirit that combines the pride of being a Spanish brand with a strong family legacy.

Since its foundation, four generations of the Suqué Mateu family have preserved the family brand, providing momentum and dynamism to maintain its significant heritage. Upon taking control of the company Miguel Mateu, son of the founder, continued to produce luxury high-end vehicles.

Hispano Suiza is part of the Peralada Group, which represents the pinnacle of luxury in gastronomy and entertainment through its global portfolio of casinos, restaurants, hotels, golf courses, vineyards, music festivals and marinas.

About the Mohr Group
At the beginning of April 2021, the MOHR GROUP store covering 1,600 square metres will open at Motorworld München, presenting fine and exclusive car brands. The MOHR GROUP – Finest Brands portfolio includes premium-quality individual vehicles, small series gems and valuable special models. The Munich-based company represents the brands ABT Sportsline, BRABUS, Keyvany, Mazzanti, MANHART, TECHART and RECARO, to name just a few, at Motorworld München.

The unique multi-brand store offers the full spectrum of services desired in the luxury segment, from complete vehicles through to individual finishing components. The portfolio is complemented with hypercars from the past decades and exquisitely restored classic cars. Additionally, servicing work, repairs and refinements will be performed on-site by a specialist workshop. The MOHR GROUP – Finest Brands also offers professional treatment and storage facilities. Particularly exclusive vehicles can be stored in the in-house carsafe under ideal conditions.

Further MOHR GROUP – Finest Brands showrooms are planned for Motorworld Region Stuttgart and Motorworld Manufaktur Region Zürich. Following the same concept, they will present different brands in the high-end segment. Behind the MOHR GROUP are brothers Luis and Lorenz Mohr, who have great expertise in trading with exclusive vehicles.

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