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Ford Telematics now available with multi-make functionality

Ford Telematics now available with multi-make functionality

Ford has extended the functionality of its Ford Telematics fleet management tool to include data on vehicles from other manufacturers. The new multi-make functionality enables fleet managers to manage and optimise all vehicles, regardless of manufacturer, through the easy-to-use Ford Telematics desktop app.

Ford is further assisting operators with the Ford Telematics Drive companion app, intended to streamline time-consuming tasks for drivers and fleet managers. The app can show fleet managers who is driving which vehicle, digitise daily vehicle checks, and report damage or mechanical issues directly to the fleet manager’s Ford Telematics system.

 “We know that many of our customers operate multi-make fleets, but also want to use Ford Telematics’ advanced capabilities,” said Dave Phatak, director, Ford Commercial Solutions Europe. “Our enhanced platform provides exciting new tools to boost productivity for our customers, not only delivering multi-make capability, but also a companion app that will bring new efficiencies to their fleet operations.”

Ford Telematics helps deliver improved uptime, increased efficiency and reduced administration for fleet operators. A redesigned dashboard clearly tracks vehicle performance and health alerts, as well as driver behaviour and fuel efficiency, providing clear insights to help fleet managers with the task of operating a safe, legal and efficient fleet.

Ford Telematics multi-make functionality
Fleet operators can now view and monitor key data from non-Ford vehicles alongside their Ford fleets directly through Ford Telematics, saving duplication of systems and effort. Multi-make functionality allows fleet managers to maximise uptime, plan maintenance, and deliver improved driver training without using multiple OEM solutions. This improved functionality is provided as part of the regular subscription cost.

Multi-make functionality is compatible with most vehicles built from 2015 and works using a plug-in device (PID) that connects to each vehicle via an OBD2 port or wiring harness.

Ford Telematics Drive app
The Ford Telematics Drive companion app is included with a Ford Telematics subscription and is compatible with devices running Android or iOS. Updates provided by drivers via the app 1 are received immediately by the fleet manager through the Ford Telematics web interface for faster, more efficient communication to replace slower email- or paper-based systems.

Ford Telematics Drive enables:

Driver to vehicle association, where drivers can electronically select and pair to a vehicle, providing details to the fleet manager

Digitised daily checks, so drivers can complete checks and ensure roadworthiness, and fleet managers can track damage or cosmetic issues from each shift

Issue reporting, so drivers can quickly and easily flag defects, estimate severity, and immediately send details and photos to the fleet manager’s Ford Telematics dashboard 1

Ford Telematics Drive provides fleet managers with instant information feeds from all drivers using the app to better inform training, issue resolution and maintenance scheduling. In addition, the app lets drivers report defects 1 such as exterior damage or issues with conversions — complete with photos if needed — enhancing the existing Ford Telematics system’s functionality.

New users of Ford Telematics can benefit from a free trial of the product, including multi-make functionality and Ford Telematics Drive, until 30 December 2020. Ford Telematics Drive is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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