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DS 9: The power of elegance

DS 9: The power of elegance

The all-new DS 9 takes luxury and performance to a new level. Featuring an efficient plug-in hybrid E-TENSE powertrain, the DS  9 saloon comes with the latest in driver assistance and safety systems, as well as an innovative take on interior luxury, wrapped under a sleek and stylish exterior design.

With a look that is both modern and which pays tribute to the legendary 1955 DS, the DS 9 is built on the newest version of the EMP2 platform and comes with a significant 2.90m wheelbase for increased passenger room and comfort. Available with a choice of two powertrains, and in PERFORMANCE LINE + and RIVOLI + trims, prices for the DS 9 start from £40,615 OTR.


The DS 9 sits on a new version of the Stellantis Group’s EMP2 platform – EMP2 V2.3, and measures 4.93m long, 1.93m wide and 1.46m tall, with a sleek and elegant profile. Thanks to the new platform, the E-segment DS 9 has a long, 2.90m wheelbase, which results in extended room for passengers inside.

With a raked fastback style roof and a streamlined silhouette, the DS 9 is an evolution of the DS Automobiles design language, with a powerful and expressive front end. The grille features a parametric three-dimensional diamond effect design that is framed by DS WINGS for a truly distinctive look.

The front lighting features DS ACTIVE LED VISION technology with modules that swivel through by 180-degrees, and ‘Pearl’ motif daytime running lights. On the bonnet, there is a distinctive ‘Clous de Paris’ guilloche strip – the first time this DS interior feature can be found on the exterior of the vehicle.

The all-new DS 9 also pays homage to the original 1955 DS. Inspired by the legendary saloon, the C-pillar features cone-shaped indicator lights. The side profile sees a single, taut line running from the headlights to the rear lights, highlighting the car’s sleek profile, while the rear comprises of a simple and pure design with every feature built into one piece.

The chiselled rear lights have the effect of scales, creating a contrast with the rest of the rear design to give a dramatic three-dimensional effect. They are also highlighted by side strips, a tribute to the French coachbuilders of the 1930s, while a third brake light at the rear window extends the visual effect when braking.


The DS 9 is available with two engines from launch. A puretech 225 features a 225hp 1.6-litre petrol engine with an eight-speed automatic gearbox and is capable of 0-62mph in 8.1 seconds. It also achieves up to 40.4mpg and CO2 emissions of 159g/km.

Alternatively, customers can opt for the E-TENSE plug-in hybrid. Featuring an 11.9kwh battery connected to a 110hp electric motor, a 1.6-litre puretech petrol engine, and an eight-speed automatic gearbox, the DS 9 E-TENSE has a total power output of 225hp and 360Nm, of torque. The DS 9 has a fully electric range of 33 miles from a single charge, with the electric motor capable of driving the car in zero emissions mode up to 83mph.

With WLTP-approved CO2 emissions between 33-35g/km, DS 9 is an ideal solution for fleet drivers, with a BIK rate of just 11%, and a WLTP-approved economy of 177mpg, ensuring running and ownership costs remain low.

Electric mode is always automatically selected on start-up, with drivers able to choose between Hybrid and E-TENSE Sport mode. Hybrid mode seamlessly switches between electric and petrol power, depending on the driving scenario, while E-TENSE Sport gives drivers the maximum combined power from the petrol engine and electric motor. E-TENSE Sport also adjusts the throttle response, gearbox and steering response as well as the active suspension for a more dynamic drive experience.

DS 9 utilises the latest in energy recovery technology. When braking, the kinetic energy from the brakes is used to recharge the battery. This helps improve range by up to 20% when driving in town, while an E-Save function guarantees that there is always some energy left in the battery for zero-emissions driving.

The 7.4Kw on-board charger enables the battery to be fully charged in one hour 45 minutes, with drivers able to use the myds smartphone app to confirm their car’s current charge status, charge remaining, as well as control remote charging or precondition the interior.

An additional powertrain, E-TENSE 4x4 360, will be available to order during summer 2021.


To keep drivers, occupants and other road users safe, DS 9 comes with the latest in driver assistance features and safety technologies.

With DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION, a camera mounted at the top of the windscreen scans the road, while four sensors, and three accelerometers record every movement and transmit them to a computer that can control each wheel independently to improve safety, serenity and improve ride comfort.


With DS DRIVE ASSIST, DS 9 allows the driver to enjoy semi-autonomous driving which lets them cover distances in the greatest comfort with improved levels of safety. The system uses sensors to position the car precisely in its lane depending on where the driver decides by controlling the steering. Operational up to 111mph (depending on the country’s laws) DS DRIVE ASSIST controls speed and direction, under the driver’s supervision, combining comfort and peace of mind.

Controlling the speed is done by adaptive cruise control which oversees driving in traffic jams: the car will restart automatically if it’s stopped for less than three seconds. If it’s stopped for longer, simply pressing a button or the accelerator pedal will see DS 9 move off automatically as the traffic in front moves.

The onboard DS DRIVE ASSIST camera is capable of recognising broken and continuous lines of traffic. While driving, it’s constantly analysing the picture and working out what’s happening, and is operational from 20mph onwards.

To help with parking, DS PARK PILOT can detect a parking place when driving at speeds of up to 20mph, and will automatically park the vehicle following instructions from the driver, including reverse or parallel parking.

During long journeys, poor visibility or lack of attention often equal danger. To make driving safer DS SAFETY brings together six major functions: DS NIGHT VISION, DS DRIVER ATTENTION MONITORING, DS ACTIVE LED VISION, blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking and extended traffic sign recognition.

Using infrared camera technology, the DS 9 is capable of detecting pedestrians, cyclists and animals up to 100m ahead in low or poor visibility. The driver gets a picture in infrared on their large digital instrument display and sees danger outlined in yellow, then in red depending on its seriousness.

Through an infrared camera mounted above the steering column and a camera at the top of the windscreen, this system continually watches the drivers eyes for signs of fatigue (blinking), their face (where they’re looking) and head movements for distraction, as well as the trajectory of the car over lines on the road, particularly if the driver starts to veer.

It can detect any loss of attentiveness by an abnormality in one factor – blinking of the eyes or erratic movements that aren’t in a straight line – and will automatically sound an audible alert while a warning will appear on the central screen, day or night.

The front lighting with DS ACTIVE LED VISION automatically adapts the light beam’s width and range to suit the driving conditions and speed. The light modules feature several modes, including Parking, Town Beam, Country Beam, Motorway Beam and Adverse Weather. The DS 9 also comes with automatically dipping headlights for an even more serene driving experience.


DS 9 Prices



CO2 g/km

Basic MRRP


On the Road MRRP

BIK Rate


Puretech 225













Puretech 225












The all-new DS 9 is available to order and deliveries will begin later this year.

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