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CUPRA launches new EV&me app

CUPRA launches new EV&me app

CUPRA has introduced its new EV&me app to help consumers understand if an EV (electric vehicle) or e-HYBRID (plug-in hybrid) is right for them.

Developed by CUPRA, in conjunction with Volkswagen Financial Services (UK) Ltd and digital innovation company Futurice, the new EV&me by CUPRA app provides drivers with insight into how their current vehicle’s running costs compare to EV or e-HYBRID CUPRA models.

The launch of the EV&me by CUPRA app coincides with World EV Day on 9th September 2021, celebrating electric vehicle ownership worldwide.

The day focusses on actions to motivate more people to engage with e-mobility and to support sustainable transport solutions for all, with headline themes of education, accessibility and sustainability for this year’s event.

EV&me by CUPRA provides drivers with key data that can then be used to demonstrate how an electrified model may fit with their individual lifestyle and the potential savings in running costs available. Users are introduced to four primary app functions: Journey, Compare, Model, and Explore.

The ‘Journey’ tab allows drivers to view their actual journey data. Drivers are presented with a complete analysis of their drive, including information on the duration of a journey, distance covered, average speed and estimated battery usage of their selected CUPRA model.

The ‘Compare’ function enables drivers to view the estimated running cost of their journey compared to a CUPRA EV or e-HYBRID model1. This can be subsequently refined into weekly, monthly, and yearly tabs to provide a full evaluation of where drivers can save money in both the short term and the long term.

App users can view all specification data for their selected vehicle in the ‘Model’ tab. Every CUPRA EV and e-HYBRID is available to view, so that drivers can make an informed decision on which model they desire and how it compares to other CUPRA models.

Finally, the ‘Explore’ tab enables the user to access further information on evs and e-hybrids. This includes updates on CUPRA models and information on where the nearest charging points are.

The new EV&me by CUPRA app is available to download now for free on both Apple and Google Play stores.

It has been developed ahead of CUPRA’s first all-electric model, the Born, which is due to launch in early 2022.

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