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Crackdown on rogue private car parking firms - RAC reaction

Crackdown on rogue private car parking firms - RAC reaction

Reacting to the launch of a new code designed to crack down on rogue private car park operators, RAC head of roads policy Nicholas Lyes said:

"Research from the RAC suggests trust in private parking companies is at rock bottom, so there is little doubt about the need for reform. This single code of practice is promising first step towards a fairer, more transparent system that will ultimately bring better standards for drivers using private car parks, and hopefully spell the end of the worst of the cowboy tactics employed by some operators. It's also positive to see a tiered system which varies charges by seriousness of misdemeanour as drivers often feel parking charge notices are not always proportionate.

"Alongside this, there is a strong need for a single national appeals system that is wholly independent. Such a scheme can provide absolute clarity for drivers who wish to appeal against a perceived unfair parking charge."

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