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The British Motor Show is back!

The British Motor Show is back!

The British Motor Show is making a momentous return in 2020, with an all-new venue and organising committee.

Based at Farnborough International, Hampshire, the new venue will play host to an event organised by Automotion Events - a new team with over 100-years of combined automotive experience.

A team of experts and enthusiasts with over 100 years of automotive industry experience, led by Andy Entwistle as Chief Executive, will include Paul Swift as the show’s technical director, the man behind the Top Gear Live stunt show.

The show sees the return of a national British Motor Show that will include all the traditional elements, but also a number of new, live and interactive features that recognise the way in which consumer shows have evolved over the years.

As well as a display of all the latest and greatest new cars, with manufacturers and dealers showing their flagship models, it will also have halls dedicated to classic cars, motorsport and a huge hall dedicated to electric cars and alternatively fuelled vehicles.

There will also be a Motor Show Marketplace where visitors will be able to check out and buy the latest products available, from technology to clothing, cleaning products and more.

Live dynamic content will be delivered in the Imperial Cars Arena and on the celebrity-packed main stage, which will host interviews, quizzes and interactive sessions. The Technology Hall will also feature a new Tech Theatre, where suppliers and manufacturers will get the chance to display and talk about the very latest in car technology.

The ground-breaking new ‘Alternative Drive Experience” will be dedicated to electric, alternatively fuelled and hybrid vehicles and will give visitors the chance to experience first-hand what it’s like to drive an electric car - a first for many of the visitors to the show.

The organisers are expecting over 50,000 visitors through the doors between August 20th-23rd, dates which have been chosen to coincide with school holidays and make it as accessible as possible for all visitors.

There will also be acres of external displays and attractions including a pop-up go-karting experience, drift experiences, an under-27 driving experience and a Wall of Death, plus more to be announced.

Farnborough International has been heavily involved in the development of the show and was chosen as a partner due to its fantastic facilities, experience in hosting the International Air Show, its strategic location and the area’s reputation as a fast-moving technology hub for the UK.

Andy Entwistle, CEO and Show Director, said: “I’m incredibly excited to announce that we’re bringing the British Motor Show back, which I could not have done without the great team behind me. This will be like no motor show that has been seen before, and our focus on past, present and future means there will be something for the whole family, as well as every petrol-head. I’m particularly excited about the technology hall where we will be able to get EVs and alternatively fuelled vehicles in front of the masses for the first time. At a time when the motor industry has taken a few knocks I’m proud to be able to support the manufacturers and suppliers and give them a platform to really shout about their products and innovations. We are making the show accessible to everyone, including exhibitors. This is a new breed of motor show with an historic name, that will deliver something completely new, unique and utterly unmissable.”

Tickets for the show will represent terrific value at £18.50 for adults or £37 for families, but during launch week the show organisers are offering a limited time 25% discount via the show’s website at

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