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BCA announces new features for Buyer app

BCA announces new features for Buyer app

BCA has announced two new features for the BCA Buyer app as the BCA digital development teams continue to refine the BCA Buyer app functionality during the current lockdown.

The latest update introduces the new MyBCA page and enhances the presentation of the online sales catalogues to make it even easier for customers to manage their buying activities. 

The BCA Buyer app has been used to make a third of all purchases across Online Sales and the Bid Now and Buy Now platforms, since BCA temporarily suspended physical auctions on 25th March.

The MyBCA function pulls together the customer’s Tracked Vehicles and Purchases lists, enabling buyers to closely monitor previous and current purchasing activity in real time and providing a single space to view and manage vehicles in different stages of the buying process.

The Purchases list shows confirmed purchases in all sale channels within the last 7 days in default setting and the date filter can be amended to show more or fewer days’ purchases from one day up to one year.   Vehicle details including catalogue and reports, purchase price and sales channel can currently be viewed and BCA plans to add further functionality in future iterations.

BCA has also enhanced the presentation of the online sales catalogue content allowing buyers to see a breakdown of the sale sections by vendor.  The new look catalogue section means buyers can easily navigate between branded vendor sales, ensuring that no buying opportunities are missed.

Dene Jones, Chief Marketing and Data Officer said: “The BCA Buyer app has offered our customers a safe and efficient channel to acquire stock during the lockdown period and has been used for a third of all transactions over recent weeks.  App users can participate with live bidding in Online sales and bid or buy instantly using the Bid Now, Buy Now platforms.”

He added “These enhancements underline BCA’s commitment to deliver the very best possible quality of digital engagement for customers. The BCA Buyer app is the go-to mobile solution making sale day easy and more productive for customers.”  

The BCA Buyer app streamlines the buying process to ensure that customers never miss a vehicle.  The app is free to download in the App Store and Google Play Store.

BCA continues to roll-out regular updates to the Buyer app based on user feedback so it consistently evolves with the needs of customers, making it even easier to locate and bid on the vehicles.

Go to for full details of the BCA sales programme.

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