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The All-new Renault Master: the next generation multi-energy Aerovan

posted on 22/11/2023
The All-new Renault Master: the next generation multi-energy Aerovan

Renault has sold over 3 million Master vans since 1980, manufacturing them exclusively in Batilly, eastern France, since the model’s introduction.

The Renault Master’s success over these 40-plus years and three generations has ranked it as a long-standing leader in its category in Europe. Renault Master vans have found their way on to the roads of more than 50 countries, including South America, since 1990. The fourth-generation version is set to extend this success.


The All-new Renault Master’s high-grade interior mirrors that of a passenger vehicle. The S-shaped dashboard facing the driver adds to the air of spaciousness. The materials have a premium feel and the 10-inch screen – which comes as standard across the line-up – adds a visually pleasing high-tech touch. Dark upholstery enhances the contemporary, ultra-modern style.

The steering wheel is from the Renault passenger vehicle range, and is adjustable for height and reach. Automatic versions now have the transmission controls on the steering wheel, opening up even more space in the centre console.

The 135 litres of total storage space – a 25% increase – ranks this generation as the market leader. The available space is spread across the dashboard, side cupholders, glove-box drawers, cab-ceiling slot and two storage tiers in the doors.

The All-new Renault Master effortlessly turns into an office on wheels. The back of the middle seat folds down into a desk, the base houses a slot to store a laptop, and there are USB-C ports to power devices. Every detail is intended for intensive everyday use. The non-abrasive and sturdy TEP-lined seat edges, for instance, make it easier to get in and out of the van and are highly resistant to wear. The ample choice of seats includes suspension and swivelling variants, individual seats and three types of benches (two fabric and one TEP).

Four diesel Blue dCi powertrains, delivering 105, 130, 150 or 170hp, are available with the All-new Master. They consume substantially less fuel (1.5 litres less per 100km on average) and emit less CO2 (39 grams less per km, below 200g/km). Depending on the version, the engines can be paired to a 6-speed manual gearbox or a highly efficient new 9-speed automatic gearbox.

The fully-electric All-new Renault Master is powered by a 105kW motor, delivering 300Nm of torque. It benefits from a 87 kWh battery that provides a WLTP range of more than 255 miles.

As a result, the All-new Renault Master boasts record-high payload capacity (1,625kg in a van requiring a B-category driving licence), range and towing capability (2.5 tonnes). Its consumption remains reasonable, at a WLTP standardised 21 kWh/100km with the large 87 kWh battery, thanks to the battery heat management system. A 130kW DC fast charge adds 229km of range in just 30 minutes. A 22kW AC home charger tops up the battery from 10% to 100% in just under four hours.

The All-new Renault Master is also designed to accommodate a hydrogen engine and fuel cell in future.


The All-new Renault Master provides all the connectivity that today’s van users require. The OpenR Link multimedia system – the most intuitive on the market – comes as standard with every model. It includes a 10-inch screen and wired and wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connections to replicate a smartphone screen. This system is also smart and scalable: it will grow to encompass new functionalities over time, with free over-the-air updates (like smartphone updates) for more than 20 apps, for five years.

OpenR Link with Google built-in: more connected and more efficient
This is the first time the ultra-modern OpenR Link system with Google built-in capabilities is available** in an LCV. The system was developed with Google, runs on Android Automotive OS 12, and includes Google Maps navigation capabilities, the Google Play app catalogue and the voice-controlled Google Assistant.

Drivers of the All-new Renault Master can connect the system to their Google account – like their smartphone – for an optimal online experience. The modular interface displays Google Maps by default and you can add two widgets (the choice includes Music, Telephone, Google Assistant, Vehicle, Date and time, Tyre pressure and more). Then you can use the menu bar to the left of the screen to effortlessly navigate around the universes (Home screen/Google Maps, Music, Apps, Vehicle). The interior also has a wireless smartphone charger to avoid cable cluttering.

** as an option

Google Assistant for extra convenience throughout the working day
OpenR Link is simple, intuitive and works like a tablet. You can interact with it using the touchscreen or your voice via Google Assistant (for instance if you want to listen to music). You can also use this hands-free virtual assistant to listen to the news, check the weather forecast, adjust the air conditioning or switch the heating on or off, for example, without taking your eyes off the road. If you link your Google account to OpenR Link, Google Assistant can also be proactive – for instance suggesting a destination based on your habits.

Handy apps for professionals
Google Play has a growing catalogue of apps including several that are especially useful for professionals at work. For instance:

Vivaldi, an Internet browser you can use on the 10-inch screen to read emails and open attachments, edit documents, watch tutorials or even watch YouTube videos on your lunch break, all more conveniently than on a smartphone. Vivaldi’s home page is configured to display handy links to Gmail, Outlook, Office and a Renault e-guide. You can also customise your bookmarks to skip straight to whichever ones you want, as you would on a tablet or laptop.

EasyPark, which you can use to pay for public parking – and only pay for as long as you stay – the simple way: tap on the OpenR Link screen when you park, and the meter stops automatically when the system detects that the vehicle starts.

Waze, for valuable navigation information from this collaborative app’s extensive user community.

OpenR Link with Convertor Companion
Using the OpenR Link multimedia system with Google built-in capabilities also opens the door to creating custom apps for converted vehicles. Three apps are available at launch: one for fire brigades, one for mobile workshop conversions and one for refrigerated vehicle conversions.

With these apps, developed by the conversion professionals themselves, drivers of the All-new Renault Master can check and supervise their custom features directly on their OpenR Link multimedia system’s 10-inch screen. There are several advantages: the driver interface is better (it is clearer and controls are displayed more prominently on the colour screen), the system is simpler and safer, it only displays the information that the driver needs, and it can update automatically over the air. And you don’t need to attach a second screen to the dashboard.

Google Maps, the standard for professionals
Among other functions, Google Maps provides real-time traffic information and displays points of interest (favourite restaurants or suppliers, including their opening hours, telephone numbers, etc.), it can be voice-controlled, and its maps are always up to date. If you connect your Google account to your user profile, you can also retrieve your bookmarks.

My Renault: remote services to stay one step ahead
To take interaction and proaction to the next level, you can also connect remotely to the All-new Renault Master using the My Renault app, for a variety of reasons:

To locate your van on a map or, if it is in a large car park for example, make it flash its lights or make a sound

To keep track of its maintenance schedule

To receive a warning if the vehicle is unlocked

Additional connected services from Mobilize
Mobilize provides additional connected services for the All-new Renault Master:

Mobilize Connected Insurance, to modulate insurance premiums according to the distance you drive or your driving style, in order to optimise costs***

Mobilize Fleet Connect***, a web-based platform and app to optimise fleet management in real time – with features including consumption monitoring, geolocation, geofencing and eco-driving challenges – to simplify operations, respond faster and save money.

Mobilize Fleet Data, which supplies raw data from vehicles (distance driven, maintenance alerts, geolocation, etc.) to feed into other management tools.

*** depending on the country

*Article Source

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