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AA reaction to LGA warning on roads maintenance and street lighting costs

posted on 31/08/2022

Reacting to the warning issued by the Local Government Association regarding increased costs to roads maintenance and street lighting, Jack Cousens, head of roads policy at the AA, said; “The cost of living crisis is battering everyone and it is no surprise that local councils are struggling to make ends meet. Roads maintenance is expensive and the price of materials is only making the situation worse. 

“Plagues of potholes, streets with worn out road markings and hedges covering important road signs seem to increase daily. Warnings over the price of salt will worry road users that a harsh winter could cut them and their communities off from accessing vital services. 

“However, rising costs should not be an excuse for squeezing more money out of motorists to fill the financial hole. Estimates for council revenue during the current financial year (2022/2023) point to a surpluses from parking, including fines, of more than £1 billion from parking and approaching £95 million from bus lane enforcement*. 

“And that is before they haul in the millions of pounds from the moving traffic violation enforcement powers they have been given. Whilst understanding the increase in prices of materials, there should be adequate funds from traffic and parking revenue to fill those holes. 

“Both candidates for Conservative Party Leader have said they want to advance the ‘Levelling Up’ project should they become Prime Minister next week, but road users would just accept the tarmac being level.”

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