Case Study: CityFibre partners with Alphabet (GB) for flexible mobility solution

The objective:

Seeking a fully outsourced fleet management service, CityFibre needed a fleet solution to enable its city, delivery and construction managers to attend site builds and events, as well as to excite local communities through eye-catching branding. 

What we did:

With its unique MINI UK and AlphaCity integrated solution, Alphabet offered CityFibre a selection of cars to be shared by multiple employees. CityFibre launched an initial fleet of six branded Mini Cooper 3-door hatchbacks, designed in the company's unmissable green and yellow brand colors, and seven Ford Transit Custom vans. 

Alphabet also provided full business contract hire including maintenance, accident management, and interior cleaning services, with the AlphaCity service allowing employees to book and access the vehicles through an online system, utilising keyless entry. 

The results:

Sharing cars between many employees ensures CityFibre isn't paying for unused, idle vehicles and the eye-catching CityFibre branded vehicles have excited local communities about full fibre networks. 

The AlphaCity feature has helped remove the risk of misplaced keys at handover and the vehicles remain trackable and easily accessible, allowing CityFibre's dedicated employees to focus on inspiring new communities.

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image of report

Full business contract hire

including maintenance, accident management, and exterior cleaning services.

image of leaseback

Initial CityFibre fleet launch

in Aberdeen, Bournemouth, Coventry, Huddersfield, Milton Keynes and Peterborough.