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3 fundamentals for a thriving post-lockdown business

Slowly but surely businesses across the UK are starting to reopen – but it isn’t “business as usual”. New safety measures are now a legal requirement, and many companies are operating with significantly fewer employees than before the lockdown. But what does this added pressure mean for you and your business? Read our top tips on helping your business not just survive, but thrive in a post-lockdown world.


1. Fewer employees? How to increase efficiency

If your company has seen employees being furloughed or made redundant, you’ll need to find ways to reduce the impact of these losses. Increase efficiency by prioritising driver self-serve tools and online systems, or by outsourcing fleet management tasks – this will cut down your day-to-day admin, freeing up time and energy for your more pressing business challenges.

Your vehicles may not have been on the road for some time, so minimise the risk of breakdown by making sure drivers check things like fluid levels and tyre treads. This can be incorporated into their new sanitizing and cleaning routines.


2. Budget challenges? Here’s how to stabilise your costs

Most companies have seen their income go down during the pandemic. If you’re one of them, you’re probably thinking about how to save on running costs. Perhaps Contract Hire is a better option for you than an Outright Purchase. Plan for Whole Life Costs rather than just up-front costs, and consider switching to a financing plan that gives you a better blend of short-term cash flow and long-term budgeting.

We understand the bigger picture of these challenges, which is why we say we help manage businesses, not just fleets. We offer a wide range of tailor-made finance options, as well as always-on expert guidance to help you understand which approach is right for you.


3. Uncertain market? How to become more flexible

Short-term uncertainty calls for a long-term outlook. Give your business greater flexibility and help mitigate some of the effects of manufacturing slowdowns by choosing short-term rentals, but also look ahead and consider future-proofing your fleet by adding electric vehicles. You’ll be able to manage capacity more swiftly and take advantage of the tax incentives that come with EVs.

At Alphabet, we’re committed to helping you solve your business problems, and can provide a tailored mix of products and services to meet your ever-changing needs – especially during these challenging times.

Call us on 0370 50 50 100 or speak to your account manager for more information on how we can help your business thrive.

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