20% of EV drivers willing to share their home charger: New JustCharge and Zap-Map partnership now means they can

posted on 03/11/2022

JustCharge, the community electric vehicle (EV) charging network from JustPark, has gone live with a brand new partnership with leading charge point mapping service Zap-Map. The partnership offers Zap-Map users the ability to find and book JustCharge chargers directly through the Zap-Map app.

The partnership goes live as new data from Zap-Map’s annual survey of more than 4,300 EV drivers has revealed that 20% would be prepared to share their home charger with other EV drivers, providing thousands of community EV chargers across the UK, and an alternative charging option for those without access to a home charger.

The partnership, which aims to make EV charging simple and accessible, means that a total of 1,600 bookable JustCharge locations are now available on Zap-Map.

With 62% of Brits citing concern over charging infrastructure as a barrier to buying an EV, this next step in community charging will not only provide thousands of additional charging locations to complement the public charging network, it also offers an ideal solution for the 40% of UK drivers unable to charge at home, who can simply book onto a neighbour’s charging point, giving them confidence to make the switch to an EV.

The new partnership will also benefit the homeowner. With the typical home charging point not being used for 90% of the time, JustCharge hosts can bring in additional household income, helping to offset the costs of buying an electric vehicle. In addition to the Zap-Map and JustCharge customer base, charging spaces will also be visible to the tens of thousands of drivers who already use JustPark for EV parking.

Anothony Eskinazi, Founder and CEO at JustPark said:

“Launching our JustCharge listings onto Zap-Map is a huge step for our community charging network. With this partnership, EV drivers can now find and use charging points and enjoy finding one of the thousands of first bookable community charging locations via JustCharge.

“We are proud to partner with Zap-Map, not only to help improve the charging experience for existing EV drivers, but to encourage more drivers with their own home charging units to become a JustCharge host, unlocking the ability for their neighbours without a driveway to switch to an EV too also switch to owning an EV.”

Ben Lane, Co-founder & CTO at Zap-Map said:

“With ever more drivers making the switch to electric, access to a local charger is becoming increasingly important. Although the public charging network is expanding rapidly, there is a real need for community charging closer to home, providing a viable option for those without a driveway to charge an EV.

“The good news is that we know that a fifth of EV drivers are prepared to share their home charger with others, and that’s what makes this new partnership with JustCharge so exciting. Working together, we can give Zap-Map users even greater choice in finding a suitable local charger, creating an additional source of household income for those with home charging points, and providing real benefit to the local community.”

Looking ahead, JustPark and Zap-Map will also work together to encourage more EV drivers to become a JustCharge host, meaning more home chargers will be available for EV drivers to book. Listing a charging point on the network takes a few minutes, and includes the ability to set the availability and price of the space and charger.

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