Road to Zero: Key Milestones on Your Path to Net Zero

posted on 14/08/2023
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Climate change has rapidly become a pressing issue which requires immediate attention across all organisations. For businesses, like yours, involving a fleet, the journey towards sustainability is not only a corporate responsibility, but a matter of regulatory compliance and future-proofing operations.

The UK's 'Road to Zero' strategy presents a clear path towards a sustainable future, setting strict emission reduction milestones for the coming years. If you're in charge of managing a fleet - whether you're a fleet manager by title or by default - understanding these milestones is key.

This post will guide you through the important milestones of the 'Road to Zero' and the key considerations you need to make.

What Road to Zero milestones do SMEs need to be aware of?

The Road to Zero strategy outlines several pivotal milestones that every SME with a fleet should have on their radar. These targets have been set with the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, thus mitigating the impact of climate change. Below are some of the most significant milestones that will directly impact the management of your fleet:

In addition to these dates, we recommend you keep up to date  on ongoing changes to emissions standards and regulations, which could potentially impact your fleet operations. This includes changes to Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), fuel duty rates, and local emissions regulations. These changes aren't tied to specific dates, however, they're just as critical in your journey towards a more sustainable fleet.

How can you be prepared?

As you chart your course on the Road to Zero, keep these key considerations in mind:

Get in touch

Although 2035 might seem far away, it takes time to analyse, transition and establish an electric fleet, so it’s important to make sure you’re planning for the Road to Zero well in advance.

If you’re not sure where best to start, get in touch with our electric experts on 01252 976 010 or email us to arrange a free consultation.

Supporting your transition

At Alphabet, we are committed to supporting you on your unique path to net zero emissions. Here's how we can help you navigate the transition:

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