How to minimise & manage fleet fines effectively

posted on 06/07/2023
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In an ideal world, your company would never face any traffic fines or penalties. But all fleets, whatever their size, are only as good as the people who operate them.

If you manage a fleet, it pays to be prepared. And that starts with setting up a fine management system. Have a read of our ‘five key steps to keep your fleet compliant’ and avoid getting caught out.

The cost of not staying on top of fines

From speeding fines to parking fees, it’s obvious that every unexpected cost your drivers incur drains money from your budget. And if they are not paid on time, you could face even harsher penalties. The potential consequences? 

  • Hefty pay-outs
  • Messy claim proceedings
  • Extra admin time
  • A drain on resources
  • Even reputational damage

How to minimise the risk of fleet fines

These steps can help minimise the risk of fines, and the associated costs when they do arise.

How we can help

We know that sometimes fines and penalties are unavoidable – that’s why we’re here to help.

Our fines management process consolidates fines payments into your monthly invoice to reduce your admin, while our free Advanced Fines Notification service helps avoid late-payment penalties.

And our proactive approach to fleet support means we can often spot problem areas quickly to help you minimise repeat fines.

Get in touch with us today on 01252 976 010 to learn more about how we can help you can set up an effective fine management system. Our team are here to help keep your business moving.

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