What you need to know about leasing EVs for your business

posted on 10/07/2023
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  • Why is leasing so popular for EVs?
  • What are your options for leasing?
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There’s never been a more enticing time to switch to EVs than right now.

However, with EVs they are often subject to steeper purchase costs and greater depreciation risks, therefore leasing is becoming an increasingly attractive option.

But why?

Why is leasing so popular for EVs?

EVs can be amazing. They’re cost-effective to run, they’re fun to drive, they offer significant boosts to cabin space and they’re potentially low carbon.

However, they’re also generally more expensive to purchase upfront than their petrol and diesel  equivalents, and with long-term values still uncertain, depreciation could be a major factor within a few years.

By leasing you can access EVs which might otherwise be out of your budget, with no worries about depreciation and with the ability to switch to a newer model at the end of the contract.

Once you take into account potential savings on VED, fuel and maintenance costs (as well as favourable BIK rates) this can make an electric vehicle much more affordable and attractive to your business and your drivers.

What are your options for leasing?

Each form of lease has its own benefits and drawbacks to consider. There are many options and variations out there, but here are the three main types fleet decision makers need to be aware of:

Is it time for you to explore EV leasing?

As technology moves on and government incentives around EVs change, leasing is becoming an increasingly tempting option for many companies and their drivers.

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