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Polestar 2’s Android Automotive infotainment system is motoring innovation of the year

Polestar 2’s Android Automotive infotainment system is motoring innovation of the year

According to Sunday Times Driving, 2020’s motoring innovation of the year is the Android Automotive infotainment system fitted as standard to the Polestar 2. The electric performance fastback from the Swedish electric performance brand wowed consumers and prominent motoring journalists from The Sun, Sunday Times, and Luxx magazine, walking away the clear winner of the category.

The Polestar 2 is the first car in the world to feature an infotainment system powered by Android Automotive OS, with Google apps and services built-in. Three years of internet connectivity is included in the purchase price, and via the Google Play Store, Polestar 2 customers are able to download a range of media apps for enjoying podcasts, radio, audiobooks, and music direct to the vehicle. With the Google Assistant integrated into the car, these apps can also be voice controlled with commands like “Hey Google, play some music”, providing an easy-to-use and fun experience for the driver as well as passengers.

Will Dron from comments, "Infotainment systems play an increasingly important role in the overall appeal of a car — dud ones can really put off customers. Striking a deal with Google to create the first fully integrated Android system was a masterstroke and adds greatly to the pleasure of owning a Polestar 2. It integrates harmoniously with the car's functions — displaying how much charge will remain when you reach your destination is one key function we loved — over and above the integration of familiar apps such as Spotify, Audible and Google Podcasts. It's fast, clear and user friendly, and importantly, Apple phone users can still connect their phone via Bluetooth. Other cars will feature this in the future but Polestar 2 will be remembered as the trailblazer."

Using an 11-inch central touch screen, with many functions also controlled by Google Assistant voice command, the system is customisable to the user’s layout preferences. Excellent audio quality is provided by the Harman Kardon audio system and Google Maps ensures destinations are reached efficiently and on time, with automatically suggested charging stopovers if required.

“By partnering with Google, we ensure that the infotainment system stays as cutting edge in the future as it is today,” comments Thomas Ingenlath, Polestar CEO. “Together with Google, our own digital team has created an exciting interface in the car, and we know that this system will enable great opportunities.”

The Polestar 2 is available to buy now from priced from £49,900 before government grant.

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