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Motorists bought cars online on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, ending the year on a used car market high  

Motorists bought cars online on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, ending the year on a used car market high  

Brisk business in the used car market even saw motorists buying cars on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, reports the online car supermarket 

Analysts at also report that applications for car finance on Christmas Day were running at around one third of those that would be expected on an ordinary weekday. 

Along with a number of buyers paying deposits for cars on Christmas and Boxing Day, for home delivery in the New Year, the festive spending spree suggests no let-up in the demand for used cars online. 

In a year in which BuyaCar saw its best ever summer performance, despite the Covid-19 crisis, maintaining such a strong level of trade during a winter public holiday affected by even more coronavirus restrictions came as a surprise to analysts. 

They speculate that the Christmas car-buying spree may be linked to the trend which has seen motorists spending more by upgrading their car choices, perhaps in an effort to compensate for the challenges and stresses of the pandemic. And, with fewer options for spending on typical recreational activities, consumers may be putting more money into long-term purchases, BuyaCar also suggests. 

Andy Oldham, Chief Executive of, said: "Any expectations our Christmas team had of a quiet festive period disappeared when customers just kept on ordering cars and applying for finance, even on Christmas Day itself. 

"Of course, not everybody celebrates Christmas, but even if we take those people who don't into account, a level of trade on the biggest holiday of the year running at a third of normal weekdays is still remarkable. 

"It's good news for everyone in the motor industry, which has suffered the most difficult year in memory. Coupled with the Brexit deal, which will avoid some of the disruption that many of us had feared, our Christmas sales performance is a hopeful sign that a strong recovery is ahead." 

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