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Maintaining vehicle supply is essential in COVID relief effort

Maintaining vehicle supply is essential in COVID relief effort

The BVRLA is urging dealerships and other delivery agents to start moving vehicles again in order to unclog the thousands of cars and vans that are congesting the automotive supply chain.

The Department for Transport has made it clear in a letter to the logistics sector, that logistics, including the collection and delivery of vehicles, should carry on during the lockdown, provided that it can be done in accordance with Coronavirus safety guidelines.  

The BVRLA has produced best practice advice on this in collaboration with the SMMT and Finance & Leasing Association and hopes that vehicle deliveries, in particular, will start to pick-up. 

“The Government has made it very clear that it wants ‘all supply chains’ to continue ‘to the greatest extent possible’ during the COVID-19 outbreak,” said BVRLA Chief Executive, Gerry Keaney. 

“This includes vehicle logistics, and not just cars and vans that are being delivered to essential workers. By getting these vehicles moving, we are not only helping the COVID-19 response, we are also ensuring that businesses and individuals can pick-up where they left-off as soon as the lockdown ends. 

 “We hope that the guidance we have produced with the SMMT and FLA can give our members and their supply chain partners the confidence to start making this happen.” 

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