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Federation of Vehicle Storage launches to support classic car owners and storage facilities

Federation of Vehicle Storage launches to support classic car owners and storage facilities

Vehicle Storage facilities are set to benefit from a new body, The Federation of Vehicle Storage, launched today with the primary aim to support both them and classic and luxury car owners.

The Federation of Vehicle Storage (FOVS) was founded in late 2019 and has already received a tremendous amount of support from the industry.

The FOVS offers three levels of membership, Bronze, Silver and Gold with a range of benefits from an impressive list of Approved Partners. There is also a five-star rated accreditation scheme which can be completed either online, or from a personal visit from one of their assessors.

Dave Tassell, Operations Manager for FOVS said "I have been working on this project for the last couple of years, and with my partners, we are delighted to launch the FOVS."

"As an owner of a vehicle storage facility, I was very keen to offer a high level of service, but quickly realised that there was no official body to oversee what we do or give advice and guidance."

"We have received fantastic support, having already gained some very significant Approved Partners".

"While we understand there are experts in the industry, it is a growing market and we wanted to offer advice and guidance to those starting up."

Mark Constanduros, Communications Manager for FOVS commented: "This is a great opportunity to help classic and luxury car owners and the facilities that store their cars. Through the membership scheme we plan to create events for our members and their clients, create partnerships and provide regular communications with guidance and advice from everyone involved."

"We very much look forward to working with all our valued members and partners to create a strong and supportive group of like-minded businesses."

"Our core values are to build a network, do nice things for nice people and be all inclusive with an ethos of assistance."

Across the country there are many vehicle storage facilities all with different levels of requirements and storing many millions of pounds worth of cars.

The FOVS plan to work with all the facilities and help them achieve a high level of service through their five-star rated accreditation process. Each facility will receive a star rated certificate to go alongside their chosen membership level.

Through the team's expertise and knowledge of the classic and luxury car market, FOVS hope this will give owners of classic and luxury cars greater reassurance when they choose to store their vehicle with an FOVS accredited facility.

Mark continued: "This is a very proud moment for us all and to celebrate the launch of the FOVS, we are offering special launch rates for storage facilities who sign up to become members."

"We are also welcoming further partners who would like to become a part of the FOVS and as a group provide additional benefits and services to attract new clients for our members."

More details about The Federation of Vehicle Storage can be found on their website and you can follow them across social media by searching fovstorage, or clicking on the links below.

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