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Alphabet (GB) supercharges e-mobility with E.ON

posted on 06/07/2023
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  • Alphabet reinforces its commitment to making e-mobility easy by partnering with electric vehicle charging provider E.ON
  • The partnership brings hassle-free home, workplace, and public charging solutions to new and existing customers with expert support at every stage of the electric journey
  • Alphabet has been leading the way in fleet electrification since 2013. Today, Alphabet manages a fleet of over 55,000 electrified vehicles and 69% of new car orders are either partially or fully electric

6 July 2023, Farnborough, UK: Leasing and mobility expert Alphabet (GB) Limited is supercharging e-mobility with the appointment of E.ON as its new electric vehicle (EV) charging partner. The partnership gives customers access to a complete package of fully integrated home, workplace, and public charging solutions for seamless, hassle-free charging. The move is expected to increase the uptake of zero-emission vehicles and make the transition to sustainable mobility even easier for businesses and drivers. 

The new collaboration sees Alphabet working closely with leading EV charging provider E.ON to ensure corporate, public sector, and SME customers continue to get the expert support and best-in-class solutions they need to decrease fleet carbon emissions and choose greener, more efficient vehicles. 

Designed to make e-mobility easy, the full-service partnership takes care of everything from planning and installation to charge point operation and maintenance for simplicity and peace of mind every step of the way. The flexible, joined-up approach complements Alphabet’s well-established e-mobility consulting solution, bringing together extensive knowledge and experience from both companies to provide customers with tailored, best-fit products and services. 

Charging ahead at home
With E.ON as a partner, new and existing Alphabet customers can take advantage of exclusive home charging offers including discounted, fully fitted wall boxes for carefree and convenient home charging. A simple four-step process from enquiry to installation, coupled with expert guidance on selecting the best option for their property and vehicle, makes the journey to electric as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

Following installation, drivers can remotely monitor, control, and optimise charging from the comfort of their home or office space using the dedicated E.ON Drive app. The plug-in-and-go solution features intelligent charging, allowing customers to schedule overnight charges and wake up to a fully charged EV ready for wherever the day takes them.

At the workplace
Businesses exploring workplace charging options for employees will also benefit from the newly formed partnership. Customers can expect practical, expert advice on creating and optimising workplace charging infrastructure, as well as help setting up and managing ongoing fleet requirements. Payment and driver reimbursement options give fleet managers the flexibility to choose the right approach for their business, while detailed monthly fleet and charging reporting saves time by streamlining billing and remuneration for eligible employees.

When it comes to keeping fleets on-the-move, E.ON operates one of the largest EV charging networks in Europe with more than 36,000 public charge points and 3,000 Ultra-Fast Charging (UFC) stations available via the E.ON Drive app. Drivers can locate and pay for charging quickly and easily using the user-friendly app, viewing availability, speed, and cost all at the touch of a button. As well as simplifying route planning and payments, a detailed overview of charging sessions makes budgeting and tracking expenses straightforward.

David Rose, Head of Product and Governance, Alphabet (GB) Limited said: “With compelling sustainability benefits and fast-approaching net-zero deadlines, it’s not a question of ‘if’, but ’when’ businesses make the switch to EVs. Smart, flexible, and convenient solutions are at the heart of our e-mobility offering and we’re always looking at ways to make the transition to sustainable mobility even easier for drivers and fleet managers.

“Charging is still one of the biggest concerns for fleets of all sizes. By partnering with E.ON we’re reinforcing our long-standing commitment to ensuring our customers get the expert support and solutions they need to break down barriers and supercharge EV adoption. 

“Alphabet has been leading the way in fleet electrification since 2013 and E.ON brings over a decade of experience in home and workplace charging. Our shared passion for turning low-emission mobility into an everyday reality makes E.ON a great fit. We’re looking forward to leveraging our combined knowledge and expertise as we continue providing our customers with best-in-class solutions and an effortless charging experience.”

Chris Lovatt, Chief Operating Officer UK Solutions, E.ON said: “Decarbonising transport is one of the key planks of meeting the UK’s 2050 net zero targets and is vital if we are to combat the climate crisis. Increasing the number of charging points at home, in public and at workplaces, will not only reassure drivers, we hope it will inspire them to make the cleaner choice.

“We’re proud to partner with Alphabet to give their customers easy access to charging and helping in their commitment to becoming more sustainable.”

From the outset, Alphabet has demonstrated its serious intention to drive corporate, public sector, and SME EV adoption through its industry-first EV fleet consultancy solution. Delivered by Alphabet’s dedicated team of consultants, the service provides comprehensive advice and support to fleet decision-makers on the effective adoption of pure electric and plug-in-hybrid cars and vans. Covering everything from fleet analysis and vehicle selection to charging infrastructure and additional mobility services, the end-to-end solution enables businesses to receive recommendations on the right solution and vehicle mix for their individual needs. 

Alphabet currently operates a fleet of over 55,000 electrified multi-make cars and vans throughout the UK. In the first half of this year, 69% of new car orders placed were either partially or fully electric.

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