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Now is not the time for excursions, days out and rides with the lads, warns GEM

Now is not the time for excursions, days out and rides with the lads, warns GEM

Road safety and breakdown organisation GEM Motoring Assist is urging all road users to think twice before setting off on a day trip or a fun ride.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth commented: “We are seriously concerned at the number of people choosing to ignore government advice by heading off on excursions, days out or holidays.

“Not only are large numbers of people ignoring warnings about social distancing, they also risk putting additional strain on an already over-stretched NHS.”

“This is a national emergency, not a national holiday.”

As bikers streamed into national parks and coastal towns across the UK yesterday, Neil Worth warned against all non-essential travel.

“We heard one example where a motorcyclist lost control and crashed off the road on Sunday afternoon in Wales. This required an ambulance, an air ambulance transfer to a hospital already at full capacity, a trauma team and significant police resources,” he said.

“To put this kind of additional strain on the NHS right now is beyond selfish.

“Elsewhere, police are urging visitors to stay away from popular destinations such as the Lake District, Cornwall and the Peak District.

“Even if it’s a bright sunny day and the temptation is to enjoy a day out, our simple message reflects advice from doctors and government: if you choose to stay at home you will save lives.”

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