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BCA launches new online EV & Hybrid sale  

BCA launches new online EV & Hybrid sale  

On the back of the rising popularity in the retail market of hybrid and electric vehicles, BCA is reporting significant buyer interest in a new fortnightly e-Auction dedicated to electric vehicles and hybrids. Each sale will feature up to 100 units with all vehicles sold with the new BCA EV/Hybrid Assured Report.  

The new programme launched on Tuesday 26th November at 2pm, with sales staged subsequently every fortnight.  Vendors committing vehicles to the programme include Tusker, BCA Outsourced Solutions, Zenith, Ogilvie and RCI and the first sale offered fourteen different derivatives of electric and hybrid vehicles for sale.  

Over 300 buyers participated in the first sale with many joining via BCA’s Buyer app.   

BCA Online Operations Director, Duncan Reaney, commented “BCA continues to see strong growth in sales to digital bidders and the creation of specialist events, such as this newly launched EV/Hybrid e-Auction, make it easy for professional buyers to locate the vehicles that they are interested in. Using decision intelligence to determine the optimal channel to market whilst developing digital products to support our customer’s physical activities are important elements of BCA’s strategy.”  

He added “We have seen exceptional uptake by customers for the BCA Buyer app which is driving demand across our entire sales programme. Over 10,000 unique users and more than 50% of active buyers have used the BCA Buyer app since it launched just under a year ago to find, track and bid on vehicles and is now forming an important part of BCA’s journey to giving customers a truly personalised digital experience that supports their business needs.”   

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