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carbon emission analysis and carbon consulting

Discover our consulting offering for automated calculation, monitoring and reduction of emissions in your fleet. We also provide you with comprehensive advice on how to successfully switch to a sustainable fleet. With our tailor-made services, we answer all your questions and find the optimal solution for your fleet.

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Why every fleet manager should care about their fleet CO₂ emissions:

  • Internal Targets
    More and more companies are setting sustainability targets to act more responsibly towards the environment. Most of these targets include beside social and governmental aspects also environmental targets – for example CO₂ reduction targets. Those targets then apply for all departments of the company. Also, for the fleet. To reach these targets it is necessary to closely monitor the development of CO₂ emissions in the fleet and by this be able to react and set reduction measures into action.
  • Cost Savings
    Reduction of CO₂ emissions is closely linked to cost saving for companies. On the on-hand CO₂ emission which doesn’t have to be compensated save costs. On the other hand, the use of less fossil fuel also saves cost. Even the engine downsizing will safe cost over a period of time.
  • Reporting requirements
    The recent EU directive concerning sustainability reporting, known as Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), places a significant emphasis on CO₂ balancing within your report. An increasing number of companies are now including CO₂ emissions in their reports, and the scope of information required within these reports is constantly expanding. As fleets are emitting CO₂ emissions in Scope 1 (ICEs) and Scope 2 (BEVs) it will be mandatory for most of fleet managers to evaluate their CO₂ emissions. Depending on the corporate structure, the EU directive may also affect Swiss companies.

CO₂ analysis tool:
Alphabet Carbon Manager

Together with our partner Plan A, we have developed the Alphabet Carbon Manager. The digital tool supports you in measuring, reporting and managing the carbon emissions of your entire corporate fleet. Comprehensive fleet emission analyses are created at the touch of a button.

Particularly practical: You receive all relevant CO₂ figures for reporting to internal and external stakeholders.

Fleet Emission Analysis

Only 22.6% of European fleet managers use a tool to their your fleet emissions.

(Source: European Fleet Emission Monitor 2023)

Alphabet on Air Episode 1 – Alphabet Carbon Manger
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Alphabet On Air

Episode 1 – Alphabet Carbon Manager

In our inaugural episode of Alphabet On Air, Lubomilla Jordanova, Co-Founder & CEO of Plan A, and Markus Deusing, CEO Alphabet International, talk about the ground-breaking collaboration and the revolutionary Alphabet Carbon Manager. Discover how this innovative decarbonisation tool supports fleet managers with data-driven recommendations to redefine fleets' sustainability.

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26% of fleet managers plan to monitor their carbon emissions in the future.

(Source: European Fleet Emission Monitor 2023)


European Fleet Emission Monitor by Alphabet

The survey offers valuable insights into the current state of sustainability and the difficulties that arise for companies when attempting to implement sustainability goals while balancing economic efficiency and profitability.

As businesses place more emphasis on sustainability, it's becoming increasingly important to comprehend the impact of fleet emissions.

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