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Be prepared

The Alphabet car rental service enables you to expand your fleet at any time in response to your needs, reducing excess capacity and costly payments for alternative solutions. Thanks to our international partner network for rental cars, we can provide the necessary additional vehicle at short notice, wherever it is needed.

Your benefits

  • image of checkFilledYour employees stay mobile at all times
  • image of checkFilledVehicle delivered to the requested location at short notice
  • image of checkFilledShort distances thanks to extensive network
  • image of checkFilledOption of a pick-up and drop-off service for courtesy cars
  • image of checkFilledIndividually agreed rental term

Short-term solutions

Our first-class car rental service provides you with vehicles over the short and medium term. This not only guarantees your mobility in the event of an accident or theft, but also provides you with a solution when vehicle delivery times are longer than expected and need to be bridged.


Flexible temporary solutions

If any of your fleet vehicles are unavailable due to a breakdown, maintenance or the delayed delivery of a new car, you can benefit from our fast and uncomplicated car rental service. If an employee is still on probation but needs access to a company car, a temporary solution using a rental car is the recommended alternative to adding a new car to your company fleet directly. For business travel, visits from business partners or a weekend trip, the Alphabet car rental service offers attractive solutions for both business and private mobility.


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