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Excellently maintained vehicles at firm prices

Thanks to our good relationships with the relevant service providers, we can offer you first-class quality when it comes to maintenance and repairs. You benefit from our cost guarantee, paying only the fixed amount agreed in advance. Any additional expense is covered by Alphabet, based on the closed-end lease. This enables you to budget perfectly for your fleet, with perfectly maintained vehicles and maximum reliability for your drivers. And this applies to all makes and models – from passenger vehicles to light-duty commercial vehicles.

Your benefits

  • image of checkFilledWe monitor the cost of all maintenance and repair work
  • image of checkFilledYou receive first-class quality for a firm price
  • image of checkFilledYou benefit from a cost guarantee and can budget perfectly for your fleet
  • image of checkFilledTop-quality work thanks to a hand-picked partner network
  • image of checkFilledFast location of authorised repairers thanks to the service partner search function

Reducing risk and expense

The upkeep of a company fleet is a time-consuming task that can also cost a lot of money. Alphabet offers you a professional, cost-effective maintenance and repair service to ensure that your company cars are fit for use at all times. You pay only the agreed fixed amount, with no risk of having to cover high repair costs.

Repairing a windshield

Maintaining an overview

We maintain an overview of your entire company fleet on your behalf, and take care of all maintenance and repair work for you. We help your drivers to ensure that every vehicle in your fleet is maintained on a regular basis and repaired immediately if required. With our support, you not only save a great deal of time but can also rest assured that your vehicles are safe.

Maintenance & Repair

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