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Charging stations

At Alphabet today, we are already thinking about tomorrow. This is why we work with reliable cooperation partners to develop innovative charging solutions that are tailored to your needs and make your fleet fit for the future.

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Sound advice, rapid charging

Anyone wishing to drive forward the electrification of their vehicle fleet efficiently should also consider future-proof charging solutions. Through our cooperation partners, we offer you the right charging solution for every need: from the ready-to-use wallbox to the intelligently networked charging solution, at your company location or at your employees’ homes. You benefit from our advice and expertise in the field of electromobility.

Your benefits

  • image of checkFilledSimplicity assured for efficient electromobility
  • image of checkFilledInnovative, bespoke charging solutions
  • image of checkFilledFast delivery and personal advice
  • image of checkFilledSmart energy management to reduce costs

Your benefits

How can your employees charge on the move at all times?

With our integrated fuel and charging cards, your employees can access public charging points on the road at any time. These cards make it easy to fill up with fuel, to make cashless payments and to use other services such as a car wash. Should your employees benefit from motivational leasing, public charging is also possible everywhere without any restrictions.

Your benefits

  • image of checkFilledAccess for your employees to over 60,000 public charging points
  • image of checkFilledSimple billing for you

How can you provide optimum charging facilities at the company location?

Together with our cooperation partners, we implement the optimum charging concept for your requirements at your location. For this, we first assess the structural requirements for installation and the most profitable placement of the charging facility. We have the right solution for every requirement: from simple to intelligently networked.

Your benefits

  • image of checkFilledFast and reliable implementation
  • image of checkFilledMaximum economic efficiency

How do you enable your employees to charge at home?

Thanks to cost-efficient wallboxes with and without billing options, your employees can also charge their cars conveniently at home. You benefit from particularly fast provision, as the requirements for implementing charging facilities are determined simply and quickly using a secure online form. No matter what requirements you and your employees have – we can offer you a variety of charging facilities to suit each home. We also have the right installation package to suit your local circumstances.

Your benefits

  • image of checkFilledQuick implementation of a wallbox
  • image of checkFilledSatisfied employees
  • image of checkFilledMaximum flexibility and range for each employee

Charging stations

Charging stations are a very central issue when switching to an electric vehicle. We operate the Helion variant all the time and it has an established track record. Alphabet can also take care of the installation of a wallbox – regardless of location. Leasing does not apply to charging stations, because they become your property and can continue to be used after the leased vehicle has been returned.

Easee Helion


Read more about the distinctions between models, about which average range to assume, and which factors to take into account to optimise that range.

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Innovative charging solutions and services from a single source

In addition to the purchase of the actual hardware (charging solution), we can provide you with a fair number of services to assure optimum and economical electrification of your vehicle fleet. We can give you expert advice right across the board.


Charging solutions and comprehensive services for every need

We assess the structural requirements for installation and recommend the most cost-effective placement of the charging facility for you. This can be done very rapidly with our virtual pre-check from the comfort of your workplace.

Safely and quickly, we install your charging equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications to assure rapid electrification.

  • Integrated fuel and charging cards for cashless refuelling at contract partner stations.
  • Alphabet charging card for charging on your premises and/or at your employees’ homes including reimbursement of private charging costs and billing through the leasing contract.

Fuel/charging cardFuel/charging card

The central billing of all charging processes for a driver creates transparency and facilitates processing.

With intelligent load management, the energy demand of your e-vehicles is optimised with simultaneous charging. This prevents peak loadings and excessively high energy costs.

Our portal solution for fleet managers facilitates handling and provides you with a quick overview of all processes.

A simple way to do something for your image is to make your charging facilities available to the public at certain times.

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