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In the first instance, all fuel/charging and service costs are covered by the fuel/charging and service card. Therefore, the driver does not generally need to make cash payments. In exceptional cases, however, a cash payment may be unavoidable. As the driver of an Alphabet vehicle, you can use the form below to reclaim any costs relating to your company vehicle that you have had to pay by cash.

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Options and procedure

Those who use their company car on a daily basis will occasionally need to pay for fuel, services, toll charges and other invoices. Wherever possible, these costs are charged directly to Alphabet, and drivers of Alphabet vehicles do not have to worry any further about settling the bills. In exceptional cases, however, drivers may still incur minor expenses. This may occur, for example, if the Alphabet fuel/charging and service card is lost or defective as well as in instances where essential repairs or services need to be carried out abroad in order to ensure mobility.

The key points

Submission via app

Would you like to reclaim expenses for items you paid for yourself? The Alphabet app now gives you flexible options for submitting requests in connection with your leasing vehicle, saving you time. Link your lease agreement with the app* so that you can submit damage claims and reclaim cash expenses simply and quickly using your smartphone.

Alternatively, you can also complete the following reimbursement request correctly and in full.

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*Available free from the iOS or Android app store

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