A systematic approach to creating a sustainable fleet

A gradual and goal-driven switch to e-mobility – adapted to your needs.

  • Overview
  • Fleet requirements analysis
  • Model strategy
  • EV policy
  • Charging strategy
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For which of your drivers does e-mobility make sense?

Comprehensive analysis of your fleet is the key to finding the ideal e-mobility solution. You receive a valid decision-making basis for each vehicle, based on driving profile, usage pattern and specific purpose. We can also provide automated analysis of the driving style by means of GPS.

Your benefits

  • image of checkFilledClear recommendations on how best to use e-mobility in your company
  • image of checkFilledAn electrification strategy tailored to your needs

How do you find the ideal powertrain mix for your company?

Profitability is the decisive factor when it comes to choosing vehicles. Which is most profitable? An electric vehicle, a plug-in hybrid or an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle? We conduct a TCO analysis, which involves determining and comparing all the costs of running a vehicle based on various mileages. This approach enables us to pinpoint the ideal powertrain mix for your fleet. E-mobility is cost-efficient to implement in a fleet thanks to lower maintenance and energy costs as well as the greenhouse gas (THG) bonus. On top of this, we offer you a wide choice of vehicles from various brands. With a vast range of vehicle types on offer – from compact cars to SUVs to electric vans – commercial e-leasing with Alphabet leaves nothing to be desired.

Your benefits

  • image of checkFilledVehicles meticulously selected based on profitability criteria
  • image of checkFilledWide range of vehicle models and types

How do you best incorporate e-mobility into your car policy?

We help you adapt your car policy, as there are a great many aspects to consider here, all of which are outlined clearly for you in our free Alphabet app. A well-constructed fleet policy gives you control over all the processes involved in choosing a vehicle as well as a precise calculation of all the employee’s mobility costs. Efficient integration of electric vehicles (EV) cannot only make your car policy sustainable, it can also take you a long way along the road to achieving your strategic objectives. If you want to get started with e-mobility right away, our comprehensive e-mobility package is just the ticket. The templates it contains cover all the key issues, can be swiftly adapted to your specific requirements and allow you to benefit from the benefits of sustainable e-mobility straight away. We’d also be happy to give you bespoke advice on how to adapt and implement your car policy. 

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What charging solutions do you need for efficient electrification?

When it comes to the electrification of your fleet, having the right charging strategy is key. As well as choosing from various charging cards, you also need to decide whether you want to install charging stations at your company sites and, if so, how many. Or whether to install charging stations at your employees’ homes, so that their vehicles are always fully charged when they leave for work. Our e-mobility experts will find the ideal solution for you.

Your benefits

  • image of checkFilledA bespoke charging strategy for your company
  • image of checkFilledProfitable running of your electric vehicles
  • image of checkFilledQuicker acceptance by your employees

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