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Fuel/charging card

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The Alphabet fuel/charging and service card

The Alphabet fuel/charging and service card gives you maximum cost transparency and enables cashless payments. Depending on the services covered by your agreement, you can make cashless payments when charging or refuelling your car and when purchasing additional items or services such as lubricants, car washes, accessories and other shop products.

Pay using the various cards in the particular petrol station networks if you purchase fuel. If you purchase electricity for charging, the cards are accepted at nearly all petrol stations or other charging points. Depending on the scope of services provided, electricity or fuel can be purchased either in Switzerland only or throughout Europe.

Your benefits

  • image of checkFilledCashless refuelling/charging
  • image of checkFilledCan be used to purchase other items
  • image of checkFilledAccepted by a wide range of providers
  • image of checkFilledWide network coverage

How to use the fuel/charging and service card:

We’ll arrange a replacement

Has your fuel/charging card been lost or stolen? We’ll get your card blocked and ensure that you receive a replacement card as quickly as possible.

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